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Is there any way to get Intel RST working instead? I've got nothing but issues with ExpressCache and had to reinstall the OS. I installed RST but the acceleration button does not show, and in the bios there is only "AHCI" mode for SATA, no RAID as I read was required for RST.
I found ExpressCache useless on my Asus Zenbook. I replaced the hard drive with a SSD and used the small SSD as a recovery partition with my own custom refresh image. If you don't want to buy a SSD get a hybrid drive or a 7200 RPM hard drive. The 5400 RPM HGST hard drives in these laptops are obnoxious.
Since you have no option for RAID, have you worked with Asus Support surly they had some from of raid set up originally and you may need a custom file from them to set up the RAID Cache Drive? You might get lucky and actually get a tech that has a clue at least.

You also can post here in the Asus ROG forum there are some pretty switched on people there and I'm linking you to the Non ROG notebook Forum you can back up to other internal forums and post anywhere you might get someone that knows how Asus accomplished this raid/cache set up.