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Will Consumer preview allow upgrading?

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    Will Consumer preview allow upgrading?

    Will the consumer preview offer an upgrade option from Windows 7 or is it still just clean install only?

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    Somewhere Over The Rainbow
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    It isn't confirmed yet but seeing as Developer Preview gave you the option of upgrading from Windows 7, Consumer Preview should too. I wouldn't really reccomend upgrading from Windows 7 but you should be able to upgrade from Windows 8 Developer Preview.

    There's only three days to go so we'll find out soon.

    Well, it looks like you can.
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    IMO it should be a clean install, otherwise there is no point in testing it.

    If you want to continue developing metro apps then there is a Microsoft update which extends the life of the DP to Jan 16,2013
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    usually it has an upgrade option
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    Upgrade installs have historically been problematic. Since the CP is a free OS, why not make a clean install. I would hate to destroy my well running Windows7.
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    Agree. Better reserve some space and have it dual boot.
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    From what I had read over at MSDN, it will just upgrade the DP to the CP, unless the DP doesn't exist, then it will clean install.
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    Why would you want to upgrade a working 7 system anyway? What if you can't stand the new build? What happens when it expires and you can't find your 7 disk and key? Dual boot or a separate drive will be much better....
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    Am I int the right place?
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    i myself have a big video project (for a contest) and since my last clean reinstall i had to work too hard to get even the correct codec for the videos, and talking about the videos, i had to define their new location manually... so i'm going to try out the upgrade, but i will still try to atleast prepare for the clean install, because nobody is perfect... not even microsoft. and what i've learned when i tried windows vista developer preview: Risking important files is stupid, when you can just pack all the files into one 7z / zip file and remove it afterwards if everything went fine.

    But i'm going to definitely go and try the upgrade (just the way i explained above)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivan the SoSo View Post
    Why would you want to upgrade a working 7 system anyway? What if you can't stand the new build? What happens when it expires and you can't find your 7 disk and key? Dual boot or a separate drive will be much better....
    Ivan, that is the EXACT reason we learn GOOD backup and recovery techniques. After all this testing is completed I will just hook up my SSD drive and put my PCs back to original condition. That's *IF* I remember too in March 2013. LoL
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Will Consumer preview allow upgrading?
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