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The frequency that the laptop checks for new Emails

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    I'm forever going to someone's PC and finding that they have somehow deleted their Tools-bar at the top of their email program window.
    Try Right clicking at the top of the email window and see if you can re-enable your Tools-bar. I'm pretty sure that what you're looking for is there, just disabled or moved up so that it disappeared.

    You should be able to get that 30 minutes down to just three minutes, by just editing out the zero. I do that all the time.

    Good Luck!

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    Thanks "TechnoMage"
    I cannot try that until tomorrow as it's my aged neighbour who has the brand new 8.1 laptop. Mine is Windows7
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    Good Morning "Technomange"
    I tried your suggestion for recovering a toolbar etc. It does not work on this system ( within Mail on 8.1)
    However; If - on the 8.1 laptop - in Outlook; I click "New" (ready to type a new email); for half a second the toolbar appears just to the right of the emoticon icon. Another oddity is that if I go to my W7 laptop and go to on clicking for a new email, the toolbar appears as before but stays on all the time.
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The frequency that the laptop checks for new Emails
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