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How to start "from scratch" with Windows 8 for a novice

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    How to start "from scratch" with Windows 8 for a novice

    Hi All!
    I just got my laptop back from the Lenovo Repair Center in Texas after they replaced the bad hard drive & keyboard, (and wiped off everything!!!). All that's on it right now is the OS & before I even open its lid I want to make sure I do everything right so I can avoid some of the annoying problems I had before. It had issues with the hard drive from the beginning, (it made a 'ticking' noise at various times until near the end when it sounded like an unceasing, loud wristwatch), & I'd get an "insert removable media" screen quite frequently. I used to be able to use the F8 key to get it to boot, but after about 10 times it was useless) Even though I've used a PC since the good old days of Windows 98 I've never made a back-up of anything...I know...I'm nuts, (or stupid),; but since I only use my PC for email, games, researching topics in which I have interest, etc. I never found the need to make back-ups. But now, since Windows doesn't provide 'recovery disks' for their newer versions, I want to know if I should make a disk for the OS FIRST...if this is correct, what's the best disk to choose for this purpose? I know there are CD; DVD; DVR, etc., but what's the best & most secure, long-lasting choice? Money is a problem so external hard drives, as well as jump drives aren't in my limited budget. Is making this 'boot disk' of the OS the very first thing I should do...if not...what IS #1? I also had the super-frustrating issue about "sharing". I am the owner and the ONLY user of this laptop, so any keystroke, any personal preference, any default that's chosen, anything I install, etc. will be done BY ME. I want to make all the right choices when setting things up so I don't make any errors. (An example of the problem was when I saved about 10 CDs to my Music so I could listen to my tunes anytime without lugging all the jewel cases around...well, I tried to open MY Music to make a selection but I was "denied access"!!! I put all the CDs on the laptop myself, but I couldn't open it to play anything, AND, when I tried to change the "sharing" options, I was "denied access" because I didn't "have permission" to change the sharing!!!! I don't want this to be an issue this time, so what are the correct sharing settings to set up so I can open my own files/folders/program data/program files/documents, etc.? After all, I'm the ONLY user of this laptop & I don't need permission for these things. Next, when should I install my Anti-Virus program? I don't want to go online to download my other programs 'unprotected', so is it safe to assume that the pre-installed "Windows Defender & Firewall" will be in effect until I get my own AV Program up & running? If there is a better, more secure way to get this laptop up and running, PLEASE tell me so I don't make any stupid mistakes...again!!! I'd also like to know what everyone suggests for an inexpensive way to back-up...after this awful incident I know I don't want to have to go through this exhausting experience ever again. Just knowing how many programs I have to download & re-install has given me a major migraine...I don't EVER want to have to do this again!!! I've had to use my old Vista Home Premium laptop while the Windows 8 was being repaired & I'd like to be able to just transfer all the stuff I want from it to my new one; however, the local PC tech place quoted me a fee of $100.00-$200.00 to transfer "files & folders", but NOT "Programs"....what does THAT mean? Their explanation was confusing to a non-geek like me, and their fee was WAY out of my budget. Is there a way I could transfer everything from my old Vista Home Premium, 32bit to my Windows 8, 64bit by myself? What's the difference between Files & Folders and Programs anyway...don't Programs make folders & files??? See what I mean...this novice is TOTALLY dazed & confused, so I'm hoping that someone will be able to guide me through this tangled web so I can open my newly-fixed laptop soon. The speed of my old Vista is unbelievably slooooow. I miss the lightning-speed I remember from my Windows 8, but I refuse to open the lid till one or more of you expert users will guide me through this. Thank you in advance for any and all suggestions about my complicated dilemma. As you can tell I need all the help I can get!!!
    VERY Gratefully,

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    Hello, not what you ask for, but am recommending using paragraphs & line shifts when writing long post.

    Massive large blocks are quite unreadable and difficult to decipher.

    the local PC tech place quoted me a fee of $100.00-$200.00 to transfer "files & folders", but NOT "Programs"....what does THAT mean
    The files you have personally created\saved on the pc will be copied over (hopefully), example: word documents, pictures. But settings + stuff you have installed (programs etc) like wordprocessor, photo editing programs etc you have to redo\reinstall. In most cases, no way to transfer any programs from an old OS to a new OS, they must be reinstalled.

    Basically, whatever you choose\need to do, brace for some work and proceed with care. I recommend, as a 1st step, to make a safety backup (image) of all your existing disk content.
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How to start "from scratch" with Windows 8 for a novice
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