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Windows 8 freezing on every other reboot

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    Windows 8 freezing on every other reboot

    i have noticed that my windows 8 will freeze on every other reboot. I have updated windows and it still does it. My rig is a hp-g60 (amd).

    I notice that the bios post screen is different.
    -situation 1 - when i boot up i dont see options to get into bios .... windows 8 will not boot
    -situation 2 - when i boot up i do see options to get into bios .... windows 8 will boot

    I might need to flash my bios, which i hate doing since you run the chance of destroying ur ROM.

    If anyone knows the solution to this i would like know.
    Thank you for all help.

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    Go to "other options" in the boot screen and try to "a refresh"
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    i cant select any option like that.

    This is a single boot OS. For clarification, the options i am seeing in situation 1 and 2 are the bios (like del to enter bios).

    Maybe i will get into msconfig tonight and mess with bootloader ... see what i can find.
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    running a refresh didnt help the situation .... nor did msconfig ...

    problem is still there.
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    I hope you have updated all the drivers for graphics.Back up your important data, try a clean install and check if the problem persists.
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    Hi there
    Check also 1) whether ACPI settings have changed -- if these get changed in the BIOS Machine will not boot (same on W7).

    2) GPT or MBR disks. If GPT is used as boot device check that the setting (can't remember off hand) is set to EFI boot or something like that. GPT is fine for non EFI on non Boot disks.

    3) other than that I'd go with the other suggestion --Back up all your User data and do a Brand new install and apply all the fixes.

    Better be quick as program expires in a week or so unless you get the extension fix installed (automatic via Windows update).

    Alternatively wait for the Consumer preview.

    My gut feel is that the developr edition will probably be the betterr one to keep if you want to tinker around with Metro Apps etc but we'll have to wait and see.

    I'm running W8 now as a main OS on One Machine ( I know one shouldn't but it's been really stable and fast) and with the extension til January 2013 it keeps all sorts of options open.

    I'll also try the Consumer preview if it appears soon --if it IS better I'll switch.

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    Q: How do I force a full shutdown of a Windows 8 machine

    BOOM problem solved. Anyone know how to make the shut down button do this. Right now i just use a batch file.
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    They call this hybrid boot. Well i dont like it.

    • First open Control Panel.
    • Navigate to Hardware and Sound -> Power Options
    • Click on "Choose what the power button does" on left hand side.
    • Click on "Change settings that are currently unavailable" later on.
    • Now you will see at the bottom an option "Enable Hybrid Boot" under Windows shutdown settings. From here you can either enable or disable Hybrid Boot by either checking or unchecking that check box option. When Hybrid Boot is enabled, Windows 8 does not close the kernel session, but closes just the user sessions.

    How to enable or disable Hybrid Boot in Windows 8
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    Win8 Pro x64 ($39.99 Upgrade) with Media Center

    Good idea to try
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Windows 8 freezing on every other reboot
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