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W8 Install Partitions?

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    Did you boot the Windows 8/8.1 in UEFI mode?

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    In Drive Options.

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    I thought I booted the W8 install disk in UEFI mode. Now that I got a running W8.1 system using the Legacy BIOS mode on a system with a BIOS that supports UEFI mode what functionality have I lost? Everything seems to work and appears more straight forward in Legacy BIOS mode.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken429 View Post
    I thought I booted the W8 install disk in UEFI mode. Now that I got a running W8.1 system using the Legacy BIOS mode on a system with a BIOS that supports UEFI mode what functionality have I lost?
    GPT (GUID Partition Table)

    Compared with MBR disk, a GPT disk can support larger than 2 TB volumes where MBR cannot.

    Windows and GPT FAQ

    UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) - Install Windows 8 with

    Secure Boot

    Secure Boot only work in UEFI boot mode, when you enable Secure Boot in your PC's UEFI settings.

    Secure Boot protect users from rootkits and other low-level malware attacks by blocking unauthorized (non-signed) executables and drivers from being loaded during the boot process.

    Protecting the pre-OS environment with UEFI - Building Windows 8 - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

    Secure Boot - Enable or Disable in UEFI

    Secure Boot - Confirm Enabled or Disabled in Windows 8
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    W.8.1 Pro Update 1

    Just a follow up on my UEFI saga. It was my ignorance that was causing the problem. I needed to "Hit any key" to boot the W8 setup disk in UEFI mode - don't need to do that in "MBR mode". I must have done the "Hit any key routine" and got it right the first time I installed W8 many months ago!

    The reason I went back to square one and figured out what I was doing wrong was the MBR installation started giving me the Explorer.exe Error 1000 where the W8 desktop paints correctly at boot up and then goes Blue Screen for several seconds and then repaints. This is the second time I have run into this problem on two different W8.1 machines! In both cases, a fresh reinstall makes the problem go away?! I started a separate thread on that issue several days ago but it pretty much went unresolved a far as the root cause.

    Anyway, thanks for all the help and information on the UEFI stuff. I think I'm a little smarter now.
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W8 Install Partitions?
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