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Transfer help please

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    Transfer help please

    My laptop, (Windows 8, 64bit), was just restored to factory settings after the hard drive was replaced. While it was being repaired I had to use my Vista Home Premium, SP-2 32bit and I need to know how to transfer everything to the newly-restored laptop. I'm a novice when it comes to these technical procedures & I don't know what 32 bit & 64 bit means when it comes to an OS, but I DO know that they're different & I'm concerned that it might be a challenge to do this transfer. I'll be doing this procedure myself and I don't have the foggiest idea where to begin!! I only have these laptops...I don't have an external hard drive. There's no start-up disc for the new laptop, as you know Micro$oft doesn't include them anymore...should I create a disk for that first? I hate to sound stupid, but in the technical area I'm really in the dark. I'd be so grateful if someone would please post a VERY detailed, step-by-step set of instructions so I can perform this procedure. I've been searching online & I haven't found any posts involving going from Vista Home Premium 32 bit to Windows 8, 64 bit. The instructions on Micro$oft are WAY too technical for me, so I got up my nerve and decided to ask all of you, as you've been helpful to me before. The PC repair shop will transfer everything, but they gave me an estimate of $150.00-$200.00!!! That's WAY out of my budget, so I have to do this myself. If you need any other information just let me know. Thank you in advance for any help...I really appreciate it.
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    Well, were do I start. First and foremost, DON'T Copy anything from the Windows folder off of the Vista laptop and only copy DATA from the Vista laptop to the new laptop. Most of your data on the Vista laptop will reside in the following folder: C:\Users\[user name] Which is good because the new laptop will have the same file structure.

    Now a question for you? Do both laptops have an Ethernet port or are they wireless only? If both laptops have an Ethernet port, then you will be able to connect both laptops via a "Cross Over Cable" and do the file transfer by using a direct connection. If both laptops only have Wireless, then you will need a wireless hub to be able to connect to both laptops.

    I would recommend the following software:

    I have used laplink pro for years to do the things that you are trying to do. I even keep an old DOS version around here just in case I might need it to salvage someone's "precious" memories. It will come with a wizard and even the cable to get you started.

    I know there are probably a dozen more ways to copy your data, as you mentioned an external hard drive, but have you considered USB flash drives? You can get a 64GB flash drive at Amazon for 29.99 see link here: SanDisk Cruzer 64 GB USB Flash Drive (SDCZ36-064G-AFFP): Electronics

    Moving data 64GB at a time is still better than the 150.00 to 200.00 they quoted you. Anyway, either one of these ways will help you get started. Let us know if you need any further assistance.
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    If both are wireless they are still on the same network so copying between laptops should not be a problem. A little slow if they are wireless G (54Mbps) and not Wireless N (100 Mbps).

    Depending on how much data you are talking about, a USB flash drive may do the trick too.
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Transfer help please
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