Hello Guys,

Just thought I'd let you know that after my unsuccessful Window 8.1 update on the first day of release I have tried it again this week and this time it has gone really smoothly and I'm very impressed with it.

When I originally installed it it made my computer really slow and several previously installed programs had stopped working so I put a image of pre 8.0 install back on to my computer.

The only problem I have which is very small is that I have set a key on my mouse to show the desktop (minimise all windows), on Win 8 it would minimise everything and the 8GadgetPack sidebar would still be displayed, in 8.1 the sidebar is also minimised which is a little annoying. If I use the minimise all windows shortcut on keyboard (win key+M) it will do what I want but I can't set the button on my mouse to do that.

Also the second problem which I hope will be fixed with a gadget update is the Network gadget doesn't work and any new gadgets I add do not work, I think this is something to do with dpi scaling but I can wait for it to be rectified.

So all those of you who had trouble with the 8.1 upgrade, it might be worth another look at it.