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Installing Windows 8 using Windows Anytime Update Key

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    Windows 8.1 Pro w\ MC

    Well, Microsoft Tech Support bailed me that doesn't get said often...

    I called them with the issues listed above (Office 2010 and HP Printer software not installing). I spent at least 7 hours on the phone with them the last two days. Today they tried several things including removing and reinstalling the .net framework and editing the registrys with no success. He then tried a reinstall over the top of the current W8.1PMC, same errors as before. Tried another "clean" reinstall with no files from the old software, again, same errors. In the end with the "clean" install not working, I agreed to downgrade to W7U and he provided my with an ISO and a Key, but he was at the end of his shift and left me to make a bootable thumbdrive and install W7U.

    I tried to install W7U, but ran into issues with the thumbdrive and an error saying that the drivers were missing (I think that was a USB 3.0 VS 2.0 thing). Anyway, I was glad I ran into the problem because in the mean time I downloaded a W8.1P ISO from the internet and decided to give it a try with the Key that the Tech Support guy used for the earlier installs. This time I formatted the HDD (SSD) before continuing on to install a true clean copy of W8.1P. SUCCESS... I am able to install all the software that was giving me problems before and other things that I didn't realize were issues are gone too.

    My only issue that I can see now is that the recovery partition that the Tech set up before one of the reinstalls, is now not showing up in Windows Explorer. I can only see my C:\ drive, the D:\ is not present, but from where I started, that is not a big problem.

    Anyway, just thought I would update you all.

    One other MC worth getting? I/we don't watch tv or movies on our laptops, so I am thinking it is a bit of a waste to install it. Opinions?

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    Windows 10 Pro Prieview x64

    Agree for you it sounds MC would be a waste of time. You can always install VLC if you do want to watch a movie or something.
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    I kind of had the same problem.

    I did not realize the Windows 8 with Media Center was a different key.

    I sold a device that I had previously installed Windows 8 Pro plus Media Center that I had legally
    purchased from Microsoft. Since the device I was selling originally came with Windows 7, I put the
    Windows 7 back on it that came with it. I loaded the Jelly Bean keyfinder and copied out what I
    thought was the Windows 8 key, It was the Windows 8 Media Center key and I did not understand
    the difference then.

    When I sold my device I offered the buyer the Windows 8 key in case he wanted to play with it since the key
    was assigned to that hardware and I could not use it again. He was very happy and I sent him the key I had
    saved earlier.

    Well, he e-mailed me back and told me what I had sent him was the Media Center key and not the original
    Windows 8 Pro key. I had not copied that key down anywhere. Here is the kicker. I had bought that key under
    one of my three Road Runner e-mail addresses I had earlier in the year. I did not print anything off or copy it.
    I had switched from Road Runner to FioS so I no longer had access to any of those Road Runner e-mails
    (I was accessing them web based).

    So, it looks like that key is lost forever. There should be a way to get the Windows 8 key from the
    Media Center key.
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Installing Windows 8 using Windows Anytime Update Key
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