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when I reinstall windows 8, will I LOSE ALL MY DATA?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ztruker View Post
    It's a single drive, with 5 partitions so nothing to disconnect.
    And a laptop to boot! I'd love to see a laptop with that many drives stuffed into it.

    Sorry Babloottawa . . . just too good to resist.

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    Merry late Christmas Everyone!

    Good News: I was able to reinstall windows 8 without deleting my data on other partitions. Yayyy! And when updating and restarts, it doesn't go to "automatic repair," so that's good.

    Not so great news: After installing windows updates, it seems my cpu is slower in terms of booting up. Also, I noticed on my task manager, my cpu usage is around 35% constantly because of a service host: local system:

    Click image for larger version

    Can I end this process? I don't know if it's really important for windows to function properly or not? Thx
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    Then don't take my advice.. Simple as that lol

    Sorry but I have no clue what to do if you have partitions.... I personally don't like to use partitions for the same reason you're having problems. The other guys may be able to help.
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    Well first good job on the reinstall.

    Service Host is a special process, it's a way for windows to regroup several services/programs, often necessary for your system. Shutting it down isn't recommended at all, if it's even possible.

    What you could do though is determine which service exactly takes so much of your cpu. A good guide to services can be found at : » Black Viper?s Windows 8.1 Service Configurations
    I know on my system Service Host : Local System is reduced from 14 to 11 (see screenshot) so it's possible you can stop the service responsible for your problems.

    It could also be a bad driver, check your PC's website for the latest drivers (bios, chipset, NIC) and also check your graphics
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    Thanks oneeyed for the link. I'll take a look at it. I couldn't change the system broker. No selection was given.
    Cpus usage is still the same after adjustments.

    I see you have the almost the same service host but with 0% cpu usage. Mine is constantly at 35% even without opening any browsers or applications, which is weird. I updated the important updates from windows and HP.
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when I reinstall windows 8, will I LOSE ALL MY DATA?
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