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Install Windows 8 on SSD

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    Install Windows 8 on SSD

    My post is in regards to my friends computer who I help out with computer problems. We tried unsuccessfully to clone a 250GB drive with Windows 8.1 to a 120GB SSD drive. So we left the existing 250 drive hooked up so the W8 install would see it there on installation of W8 Pro upgrade to the SSD. The install went flawlessly, but on boot were faced with booting to the old 8.1 or the new 8. We removed the old drive from the BIOS setup and the it wouldn't boot. The SSD also does not appear as a boot choice in setup. I tried "bootrec.exe /fixmbr, but Windows couldn't see the drive. I had partitioned the SSD to 85GB (Windows 8), 4, 26GB's so I could install Mint Linux (4GB Swap file, 26GB for system. The install went fine but again wouldn't boot. Now I had to fixmbr again which worked as I had the old 250GB with W8.1. Cannot get the MBR onto the SSD.

    Edit: Obviously the SSD is there as both Windows and Linux saw it there to install on.
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    I'll tell you what worked for me:
    first, disconnect the HHD by pulling out the SATA cable or the power cable.
    then, boot up from a windows repair disk. I think you can use a disk from windows 7 or XP or 8, it doesn't seem to matter.
    then go to advanced repair options and let it automatically repair start-up problems, which is what ails you.
    If I understand right, this will give the Bios the shot it needs in order to boot from the SSD.
    after windows starts up, shut down the machine and plug the HDD back in again.
    If you want to go back to booting from the HHD, windows will probably fail again, and you will have to go back to the advanced repair options again. this time, you probably won't need the CD to do it, though.
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    Thanks we'll try that. Like I said it's my friends computer so I won't be able to get at it until Friday. Actually I just had another thought. I didn't connect it up and it may be connected to a non bootable SATA (shoulda checked, duhhhh); so I suggested switching the SATA from the old drive that works onto the SSD.
    Anyways thanks again; much appreciated.
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    How to clone your SATA drive to a SSD drive.
    How to Migrate OS to new Hard disk.
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Install Windows 8 on SSD
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