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migrating hard drive to much newer motherboard

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    migrating hard drive to much newer motherboard


    I have a very old dual-boot system of Win7/Win8.1. It has a motherboard using Intel's P35 chipset, running a Core 2 Duo E8400, and ATI Radeon HD 2600 graphics. This is all 2008 hardware. Anyway, it's clear there's something wrong with the USB on this motherboard. I've been having increasing issues with multiple USB devices & now the system (in both OSes) constantly acts as though I'm pressing <ctrl> & scrolling the mouse button, taking the text size of my desktop, browser, whatever, to the smallest size. It's essentially unusable. I've swapped out the keyboard & mouse with known good ones. I've checked both OSes with two anti-malware scanners of everything & got nothing, so I'm certain it's the motherboard.

    so I plan to replace the system with a new home-built one using whatever's current-- a Haswell CPU, etc. Before transplanting, I always install the drivers I'll need & change the video to generic VGA, things like that. I've done this multiple times before & never had an issue with crashing or instability. But I've never made a leap this big in terms of hardware generations. My big concern is is with the Intel chipset .infs, specifically SATA/AHCI. Fortunately, the two hard drives in this box are configured as AHCI.

    Should I be fine with both Win7 & Win8.1 on a current Intel chipset (I will make sure the SATA/AHCI on the new motherboard is Intel) configured as AHCI? Or do I need to somehow force the latest Intel .inf/.cat files onto the OSes before the transplant? I've noticed if I download the latest installer it will show everything's current & skip everything. I'm pretty sure it doesn't even copy to the OS the ones that don't apply.


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migrating hard drive to much newer motherboard
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