I got a new laptop for work during black friday sales and it had windows 8. Only problem is it will not work for well..my work. They need to install some programs and they are not compatible with windows 8.

So i need to install 7. What i learned is it is not as simple as reformat hdd and install 7. There is a new UEFI bios that doesn't like windows 7.

I first posted this in 7 forums but later decided i should post it here as you guys will probably know how to save me from UEFI.

My old post
Installing 7 on a windows 8 laptop. Do i need to worry about drivers? - Windows 7 Help Forums

So now i got two problems.

Step 1 install 7 somehow

Step 2 get drivers for my laptop.

My laptop is the HP pavilion 17-e049wm

I saw some of brinks posts on how to downgrade but feel i need more detailed info as i don't know anything about this new UEFI stuff.

From brink
Boot from your UEFI 64-bit Windows 7 DVD or USB using the one time boot menu.
What does that mean?

They have UEFI windows 7 install DVD? Does that mean my 7 disk wont work unless i try to convert it?

Earlier in the tutorial he said to reset the bios. As secure boot was true in my case. Problem is bios constantly threats that windows may not be able to boot if i change anything. Secure boot is off now and it still booted.

So basically treat me like someone who knows nothing about computers so i don't ruin it.

Thanks for your help