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    Windows 8.1 Refresh/Recovery

    I recently did an update of my machine from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1. The update process did not show any errors or warnings and by the time it finished I was under the impression that everything went smooth.

    After the update I was testing the environment and discovered that one of my desktop applications stopped working, I went to the developer's website and indeed I found there is a known issue with their software on 8.1 and to solve it, I had to completely uninstall the software and then install it once more. So I went to Programs and Features in order to do so and to my surprise the Uninstall button was missing from the interface. Right-clicking an item and selecting uninstall from the menu gives a warning message suggesting that the application might have already been uninstalled and asks if I wanted to remove the application from the Programs list. However, clicking OK or Cancel just closes the message box and nothing happens.

    So in my frustration I went and tried to Refresh My PC; Once I clicked Refresh My PC the verification process started and indeed it told my that some system files are missing and that it should take care of it provided I insert my Windows disc. Now since its an OTA update from Win 8 to 8.1 I thought that MS knows that some people will not have a physical copy of 8.1 and so I inserted my Windows 8 Pro System Builder disc hoping it would work, but sadly as you might have guessed, it did not. It told me that I needed the 8.1 recovery disc.

    Now I have been looking everywhere for a recovery image to download and use to fix my problem, everywhere I go it suggests that I make my own copy. But how am I supposed to do that if my Windows is faulty and has missing files. I really don't wanna go back to Windows 8 and re-upgrade to 8.1. I have a monitored internet bandwidth and I cannot go and download the 3 GB 8.1 update once more.

    Can someone please help? How can I repair my 8.1 machine?

    Searching online I came across this article describing how to get an ISO image for 8.1 with a Windows 8 product Key. However, entering my Windows 8 Pro System Builder (OEM) key in the box fails and tells me that the key I entered is not for this product. I am truly frustrated now.


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    Refresh and reset is broken, if you did an update on an OEM machine.
    The update files on the download from the Microsoft store are for Windows 8.1 Pro Retail.
    So, no you can't use the OEM key to get the download.

    One alternative that may or may not work:

    1. Create an empty folder on the C drive and label it "Refresh".
    2. Copy the "install.wim" from your system builder disc to that folder.
    3. Run the following as administrator, in the CMD prompt:

    reagentc /setosimage /path C:\Refresh /target C:\Windows /index 1

    Good luck!
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Windows 8.1 Refresh/Recovery
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