This morning I turned on my brand new ASUS T100 Transformer Book with Windows 8.1 pre-installed for the first time, of course I got the 'normal' screen prompt's when setting up a brand new computer. Such as country/language, time zone, set up internet connection, do I have a microsoft account/then sign in, etc..Now I'm prompted at the next screen being asked " How should we set up your PC ? " , I'm already running windows 8.1 on a different pc, so on this screen I'm being asked the question: Copy your settings and Windows Store apps from another PC, or set this up as a new PC.
There are two option's showing: my current pc that has windows 8.1 installed on it & 2. Set this up as a new PC instead, and then on a line below that option there's a checkbox that offers to ' Sync my Start screen layout' . Which would be the best option for me, I'm sure other member's in here have ran into this..what did you choose ?
Thanks so much for your replies (hopefully) !