When you got through the Win8.1 OOBE screens (I've counted 9), you see the following screens:

1) License terms
2) Region and Language
3) Personalize
4) Get Online
5) Settings (i)
6) Setting (ii)
7) Settings (iii)
8) Settings (iv)
9) Your account

Now, when I have an answer file, these screens are supressed. The question is, what settings are chosen/set for screens 5-8 when they are supressed. Am I correct in assuming that the default settings will be applied? If so, how can I change these later on, say via a logon script and a .reg file. I don't want for example, to have "Share info with Microsoft and other services" (6 settings on that OOBE screen), all to be turned on by default.

Any help would be much appreciated.