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8.1 Install Stuck at "Setting up a few more things 59%"

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    Windows 8 Pro with Media Center 64 bit

    8.1 Install Stuck at "Setting up a few more things 59%"

    I've tried everything I know to do. Maybe you have some ideas.

    I have an HP p6720f that came with Windows 7 installed. I upgraded to 8 with no issues around December of last year.

    I downloaded 8.1 from the Windows app store without problem. I tried the first install without changing anything (for some reason, I just thought it would work). It got to "Setting up a few more things 59%" and stayed there. For 6 hours. I finally powered it off and went through the restore process. My error code was 0xC1900101 - 0x4000D.

    After some reading I tried again, this time unplugging everything but the mouse and keyboard. I made sure I had all the latest updates from Windows and all my drivers were updated. Uninstalled a couple of programs that the compatibility checker said were not compatible (old version of Yahoo Update, an old baseball game). I cleared the Windows Store cache and disabled Windows Defender and Firewall. I did a clean boot and started the upgrade process over again. Same thing. Stuck at "Setting up a few more things 59%". Started the upgrade at 8pm, checked in the morning around 7am with no change. Came back around 1pm and still no change - 59%. Over 15 hours and still, the upgrade failed.

    I gave up and used Microsoft remote tech support. The guy ran a check disk thing that scanned for errors. No errors. He then did some sort of network scan or repair, not entirely sure. It took a long time. He started the upgrade. Stuck at 59% once again. Admittedly, I didn't wait as long (maybe 3 hours), because I'd been through it before. He said he would escalate my case and someone would have to call me. They called and took control of my computer. This time only checking Windows Update to make sure there were not updates to install, then went right into the 8.1 upgrade. I knew this wouldn't work. Same result.

    For my most recent attempt I did a system refresh (under PC settings, General). This got rid of all my apps and installed programs, but kept my personal files. I was sure this would work. Nothing left to cause any issues. But again, hung on "Setting up a few more things 59%" overnight (8+ hours).

    When it's stuck there, the circle/dots are moving like it's working. My activity light starts out doing a short, regular blink, then just doesn't do anything.

    What else can I do? I don't NEED to upgrade to 8.1, but i should be able to. And it shouldn't be that complicated.

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    Just stabs in the dark:

    Try uninstalling you current graphics driver and use the default Win 8 VGA driver to see if that can get your through the upgrade. Another thought would be that you might need to decrypt your drive if using something like TrueCrypt for the upgrade to stick. You might also want to make sure you are running the latest BIOS before attempting to update again.

    Please understand these are just ideas that may or may not work (or be applicable) for your specific situation.

    Good luck.
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    Windows 8 Pro with Media Center 64 bit

    Thanks for the suggestions. I haven't knowingly installed any encryption there someway to tell? As for the graphics driver, my first try I was on some default WDDM driver. For my second try, I updated to the latest driver that was specifically for my graphics card from AMD. No BIOS update was found from HP.

    I just tried the install using the iso i burned to DVD. No luck.

    In other news, my MacBook upgraded to Mavericks perfectly.
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    Windows 8 Pro with Media Center 64 bit

    So I finally did a clean install using the 8.1 iso on DVD. Worked fine and took less than an hour. Should have started with that.
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8.1 Install Stuck at "Setting up a few more things 59%"
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