Hi all,
I have a laptop with pre-installed Win8x64 and wanted to try dual booting with an additional Win7x64 VHD install (on a single physical disk), in order to challenge performances.

Everything ran quite fine (repartitioning, VHD attachment, install). But, at bootup-time, though I got the blue modern boot wizard raising with my two OS entries, I only can regularly boot on Windows 8. Any attempt on booting Windows 7 leads to Windows 8's "preparing restore..." screen and I'm back to some WinPE-style assistant that allows me to boot on Windows 8, or reboot the laptop...

I tried using Boyans' DualBoot repair tool with no luck. Only get a cryptic (to me) error message that somebody (himself? ^^) is presumably able to explain to me.
Please do, then.

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Thanks a lot,