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Win 8 Enterprise to Win 8.1 upgrade question...

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    Win 8 Enterprise to Win 8.1 upgrade question...

    I am running Windows 8 Enterprise 64bit version and I want to upgrade to the 8.1 version. I understand that the upgrade won't appear in the Microsoft store for me and I'll have to download the ISO and upgrade using that process. Has anyone else done this?

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    Check on TechNet for the new ISO's date 10/17/2013, the VL versions have been changed to GA from RTM.

    Windows 8.1 rollout: Read this BEFORE you click on 'Upgrade' ? The Register

    Enterprise customers have it a little easier. The installation media for Volume Licensing (VL) versions of Windows 8.1 can do in-place updates over existing Windows 8 installs, so admins won't need to download the update again for every PC that needs to be upgraded.
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    Thanks for the info! I appreciate it!
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    Thank Theog for that link. I've tryed to setup a clean version of windows 8.1 enterprise by ISO I downloaded from Internet, but can't active my key, and I did not understand why. Now I know it's because of the ISO release in September. I'm trying to find the new ISO's date 10/17/2013.
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    I just received the Win 8.1 Enterprise key and upgraded my PC. I've had two "lock-ups", which were resolved by ending the processes in task manager. some of the "tweaks" I made in Win8 had to be redone (creating libraries on another drive, etc...), but so far, everything seems to be running well except for VDownloader, which is an application for downloading YouTube videos. It runs very slow and "locks up" and becomes unresponsive. I'm using the latest version, as I paid for the program but I'm sure the vendor will release a new version soon...
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    Lots of little "glitches" in the past few days. Win 8.1 will lock up in applications and I have to close them in task manager. Several different applications as well as file explorer when I try to open pictures on my Windows phone... Overall, I'm not impressed thus far...
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    sfc /scannow didn't find anything wrong, I'm not surprised by that...
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    Now SimCity won't launch, World of Tanks stops unexpectedly several time a day and many other applications just stop responding. Mind you, prior to upgrading to Win 8.1, these things very rarely, if ever happened...
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    Things seem to be stabilizing. The Nokia phone is now recognized by Windows and no lockups or issues in the past 3 days. I also noticed that the "windows.old" folder has been deleted. so far, it seems to be running better after more than a week. Anyone else here experience this?
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    SimCity was updated this past weekend and now it runs well under Windows 8.1, as do all of my other applications. The OS seems to be running better every day, which is a nice thing to see!
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Win 8 Enterprise to Win 8.1 upgrade question...
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