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Can't update to win 8.1

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    windows 8

    This didn't work either. The download stopped running while wifi was off. I waited 45 min and never got an error. I did a restart and of course had to turn wifi on to get into the store. Had the message at the top right telling me that an app was installing, clicked on that and sure enough the download started running again from the point where it had stopped.

    At this point I'll try anything. I was looking so forward for this update to be released, and now I can't get it to install.

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    Portsmouth Hants
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    Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center

    Here's a couple of things.

    First you may need to change your folder options in Windows Explorer to show hidden and system files, and file extensions - you can change these back later if necessary.

    Make sure the websetup program is stopped. You can open task manager and end the task if necessary.(Ctrl+Alt+Del and select task manager)

    See if you have a folder called WebSetup here:


    Where UserName is your login account name.

    If you have, try moving all the folders amd contents under Websetup to the recycle bin
    Another folder to do with the installation is c:\ESD, which you could also move to the recycle bin and also c:\$WINDOWS.~BT which is also an installation folder. Any of these may have a corrupted file that is preventing the update

    When these have gone, you can try again - type:


    into your browser address bar.

    On the Windows 8.1 update page of the Windows Store that opens, read down the right hand side and launch the Upgrade Assistant before starting the download, just in case there are any hardware or software problems you should be aware of.

    Stop any third party antivirus or firewalls, and disconnect all peripherals and unnecessary usb devices except keyboard and mouse

    The best of luck.
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    Win 8 Pro (WMC) originally; updated to 8.1 prowmc through store

    there is no stop button, but only a pause and resume;

    the best way is to yank out the internet connection; turn off the live update for store; remove /delete the store and websetup folder; delete the cache; also if you have gone to the stage of installing there could be c:\esd or c:\$windows.~bt or c:\$windows.~lt or c:\windows.old folders. also the original downloaded files could be in c:\windows\temp folder

    you can see them if you tweak the folder options to see the hidden folders, to see the extensions and to see the operating system files/folders. If you can see them, delete them or dump them to an unused folder.

    when you connect the internet again and start the live tile and select the store, you will find it takes some time to go to the store page as it has to rebuild the store folder and also the store cache; then you will again see the windows8.1 free update option

    start the update and see how it goes.

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    windows 8

    Thank you both fafhrd and neelakantanr for your suggestions. But once again, no difference. Same problem. I am so frustrated.
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    Portsmouth Hants
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    Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center

    When I got so frustrated, like you, this is what I did:

    can i make an iso from an upgraded 8.1 installation?

    I downloaded the ISO from Windows 7 in a VM available from Microsoft.

    The trick is whether you can find a legit 64-bit VM to try the download from.
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Can't update to win 8.1
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