My Win8.1 free upgrade install experience.

I did the free install. But, I also upgraded my Asus motherboard associated drivers, as Asus put them up on their website for newer motherboards, and specific Win8.1 drivers and etc..

My icons were all messed up on my desktop. not a real big deal.. but then.. my network config file for DCS flight sims. online multiplayer was all messed up,, but that could have been from some recent patches from DCS.

I could not figure out what the heck Sharing a Charm was, and my Start never did come out looking like the old one.. but I don't care... but even with the directions given, I could not drag the Start to the Start screen. Again, no big deal.

I am not sure what was accomplished... I think it gave Win8 (8.1) users many more options for setup... otherwise,, it' still Win8.

I wonder if the things that got screwed up were from win8.1 upgrade or my Asus upgrade stuff.. I may never know. I was annoyed that it asked me tons of questions, like a brand new install. instead of just transferring my original Win 8 settings, I had to tell it everything all over again... I gotta go read and see how everyone else fared.