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A quite Complex and wierd Problem

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    Ubuntu 12.04 Raring ringtail for now

    A quite Complex and wierd Problem

    Hi guys,
    I know this is my first post but i really need help. I am one of those guys who try to move to linux but move back to windows.
    I'hve been with windows since i first touched a computer(1998) and played Road Rash. Now i got a new computer with a pre-installed windows 8. I really didnt like the feel of it and am really quite angry on microsoft because it felt like the laptop which i spent my money on was taken away from me. Every thing needed admin rights and i could'nt install programmes because of the error
    (please verify you have access to programfiles...)
    So i thought of dual-booting windows 8 and ubuntu 12.04.
    While ubuntu was installing i did not notice my charger was'nt in place.
    So the ubuntu grub installation got corrupt. Windows 8 could boot but the windows system files got corrupt and the PArtition table and MBR got quite messed up.

    SO i did a Low level Format for 18 hours of my 1TB HDD. Then i installed Ubuntu.
    I am downloading a copy of windows 8 iso, and will install using my product key which i have under my laptop.

    Can anyone help me how to Dual boot windows 8 PRo and ubuntu 12.04?
    I have ubuntu insatalled now and would love to install windows 8 as dual-boot.
    Even if i install it in another NTFS partition, would'nt grub be placed with windows boot manager?
    And what partition should i make for windows 8? Basicaly how should i dual boot install Windows 8 after installing ubuntu 12.04 wihtout any problems.

    I dont mind windows boot manager or GRUB. please help me out, i am quite a sticker to windows.

    Thanks a lot

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    Windows 8.1

    Hi stateoflinux,

    Here are a few threads from within this forum that may provide you with the additional information you need:

    Can anyone help me how to Dual boot windows 8 PRo and ubuntu 12.04?
    Any One Duel Booting Ubuntu 12.10 With Windows 8?

    I have ubuntu insatalled now and would love to install windows 8 as dual-boot
    Installing windows 8 with Ubuntu 12.10 already in place

    Good luck. Hope this helps.
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    It's usually better to install Windows first then install Ubuntu and let grub install over the top of Windows' mbr code.
    However, more recent pc's use UEFI which is a completely different thing. Does yours?
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A quite Complex and wierd Problem
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