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Windows Fails To Boot, Fails to Install

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    Quote Originally Posted by udaynatt View Post
    Laptop: Dell Inspiron 17RSE 7720 | 3rdGEn i7 3610QM CPU | DDR3 2x4GB RAM 1600MHz | nVidia 3DVision Enabled 17-inch screen running on 2GB GDDR5 nVidia 650M GT (3D enabled with NO optimus)
    SATA Mode: AHCI
    Hard Disks:
    1. 32GB mSATA boot drive (Only windows core files and programs installed on it)
    2. 1TB Toshiba 5400rpm (for Programs and Games)
    3. 1TB Toshiba 5400rpm (for Movies, songs etc)

    This laptop had Windows 7 installed in it with Intel Rapid Storage technology enabled. Few months ago, I changed the SATA mode to AHCI and installed windows 7 on 32GB mSATA drive. I kept the C drive only for windows and didn't install anything else on it. I created an MKLINK for some folders such as Common Files/Adobe and Appdata/Adobe so that heavy applications won't eat space on the little drive.
    It was working fine for about 4-5 months, till one day the Windows 7 simply failed to boot. It was stuck on the Starting Windows screen forever. I searched on the sevenforums website and tried a lot of things such as cleaning the RAM, disabling startup programs and services etc. But it didn't help. neither did sfc /scannow nor windows repair using installation disc.
    I could boot in safe mode but not normal mode.

    So, I decided to reinstall Win7 from DVD that came with dell.
    But the installation was stuck at final step of install after first reboot.
    Again i tried several tricks described in forums, like checking for Legacy Boot in BIOS, making sure SATA is in AHCI, unplugging all USB drives as well as other two Hard Drives, and running laptop on single RAM chip. Nothing helped.
    I even tried installing Win7 from USB stick, but results were same.

    Then I decided to try Win8 Pro. I created a bootable USB from ISO and tried installing Win8. But again, after the first reboot, it was stuck at Getting Devices Ready (5%, sometimes at 2%, sometimes even before the Getting Devices Ready msg appeared)

    Here is what I have already tried:

    • Booting from DVD/USB both
    • Cleaning the SSD for install (using Diskpart before beginning the install)
    • Unplugging all USB devices (removing bootable USB / DVD at first reboot as well during the 10-second timer before auto-restart)
    • Removing both HDDs, keeping only mSATA SSD inside to install (Sometimes, I had to put in primary HDD coz removing both HDD resulted in failure of detection of any Hard Disks)
    • Keeping only one RAM chip inside
    • Updating BIOS by downloading from Dell website and flashing with bootable FreeDos USB
    • Trying both AHCI and ATA modes of SATA operation (choosing Intel RST mode was unusable coz in that mode, no drives were detected and it asked to Load Drivers. I even tried downloading SATA drivers, firmware drivers etc from Dell and Toshiba sites but they didnt work)
    • Trying both Legacy and UEFI boot modes
    • Cleaning RAM chips and putting them back in
    • Installing windows on one of the HDD instead of SSD
    • Simply waiting for 8 hours straight

    And here is what I already tried during windows 7 install:
    • Disabling all unknown and yellow-icon devices by booting in safe mode at first reboot.
    • Uninstalling all unknown and yellow-icon devices at first reboot
    • opening explorer.exe using cmd window when installation was stuck at final step. Doing so caused in occurrence of a box displaying some actions such updating destop or somethin, which disappeared after sometime. but results were same again.
    • Waiting for 10 hours. Doing so got me past the final step of install and windows rebooted for second time. But it was again stuck at "preparing computer for first use"

    I checked that everything shows up fine in BIOS. HDDs, ODD, RAM, CPU etc. and they do.

    I also ran Dell Pre-Boot Diagnostics to check for any hardware malfunction. But everything works just fine.

    Is there anything i have not tried?

    I think that the problem which caused the boot failure of my Windows 7 in first place is the same one causing installation failures of other OSes too.

    But what it is, I do not know
    Did you re-assign letters in cmd prompt???

    Bios and disk management see them in different order?? (Asus Z87 Sabertooth)

    I restored a backup with paragon but when it came to boot there was no operating system found??

    disk 0 is D and disk 1 is C

    boot into your disk/usb and check with diskpart=disks and volumes

    I also found the easiest way to install to SSD is to detach all other HD's/SSD's
    See if you can change your Master/Slave options

    Just a thought, could be useless :[
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    Quote Originally Posted by theog View Post
    Try running the Dell diagnostic tools to if have hardware problem.
    Did somebody just hack your account?
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    Do you have another drive you could try installing to. If that works then the problem is this drive.
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    Windows 8

    I have tried installing windows using only SSD inside,
    I have also tried installing windows using only one HDD inside and one RAM chip, using both slots one by one.
    There are over a dozen ways i've tried till now to get it done. But nothing works.

    Really. Nothing works!
    If it's a hardware problem, it should get detected in the Dell Pre-Boot Diagnostic Scan
    I tried running even the deep memory scans which take about 45 minutes to complete. Still cannot find any problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ztruker View Post
    Do you have another drive you could try installing to. If that works then the problem is this drive.
    Hey Vivian
    I have 2 TB HDDs, and both of them work just fine when i'm copying data from one drive to another. As you said problem could be drive, i took out the 320GB HDD from my brother's laptop and put it inside mine. It was not detected at all. Then i switched the SATA mode to ATA, and the drive was detetced and guess what? The windows got stuck at the boot screen "starting windows" just like it did before.
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    Windows 8

    One of the Dell helper told me to enable IRST, clean both HDD and SSD using diskpart, reboot and then press ctrl+I on the Option Rom screen.

    Well, I dont know what an Option ROM is, and i've never seen it before since the day i purchased this laptop. (Its been almost a year).

    I tried enabling Legacy ROM in UEFI boot settings, and tried booting in both Secure and Non Secured modes, but option rom does not show up.
    Only ROM screen i see is the Network ROM screen (when network boot is enabled) and during that screen, pressing ctrl+I does not do anything.
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    It booted to windows in safe mode so the msata controller is working. What is your bios version? Try doing an upgrade. I prefer UEFI mode over legacy due to the accessibility and comfort of uprading the BIOS booted into windows. Leave secure boot on!
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    Windows 8 and 8.1 pro/enterprise

    There is a known booting issues with the BIOS rev. A11 and A12. Call dell support on this issue
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Windows Fails To Boot, Fails to Install
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