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Was I dooped into buying 8 in order to install 8.1

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    Was I dooped into buying 8 in order to install 8.1

    I am running Windows XP and want to install Windows 8.1 on my laptop, so I pre-ordered an 8.1 DVD on Oct 8. The next day I started an online chat with Microsoft to purchase a second copy for my desktop PC. She asked what OS I was using and when I replied Windows XP she said I would first have to order Windows 8 because 8.1 cannot be installed on an XP machine. I replied that I was going to format the hard drive so I could install 8.1 on a bare disk. I ended up cancelling the order and phoned Microsoft. He told me the same thing and said 8.1 "probably" would not install on a bare disk. So he convinced me to buy two DVDs of Windows 8 Pro because he said I will get the free upgrade to 8.1 on Oct 17.
    Does anyone know if it is possible to install 8.1 on a bare disk. If so, that is what I would rather have done. It would be easier if I ever have to do a reinstallation to just use the 8.1 DVD instead of using an 8 DVD and then upgrading.

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    Full versions of 8.1 will be available on Oct 18 and you should be able to pre order. MS probably have not trained their sales people as to what is going on. Check Amazon or Newegg for full versions. You can do a clean install with the Full Retail version.

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    The $199.99 Pre-order Windows 8.1 Pro is a Full version. It can be installed on a "bare disc", using a clean install. No one tried to doop you.......I believe it was more of a case of reps not being well-informed. You can always contact Microsoft to try and get a refund on your unopened items when you receive them. Then order what you want.
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    Microsoft have said:
    Pricing and Packaging for Windows 8.1
    For non-Windows 8 devices, here is how upgrading to Windows 8.1 using the retail DVD and download software will work:

    Windows 7: Consumers can upgrade a Windows 7 PC which will bring along all their files, but will require them to reinstall desktop apps including Microsoft Office.
    Windows XP & Windows Vista: Windows 8.1 is not designed for installation on devices running Windows XP or Windows Vista. Although not designed or recommended for devices running Windows XP or Windows Vista, consumers still wanting to upgrade from Windows XP or Windows Vista should buy the retail DVD instead of using the download and boot from the DVD to do a clean install of Windows 8.1. Note: files, settings and programs will not transfer – Consumers will need to back up their files and settings, perform clean installation, and then reinstall their files, settings and programs.
    In the Microsoft Store it also suggests that Windows XP and Vista users should upgrade to 8 first:
    Buy Windows 8.1 - Microsoft Store
    If you’re running Windows 8, visit the Windows Store for a free update to Windows 8.1 starting on October 17. If you're running Windows 7, your files will easily transfer. If you're running Windows Vista or earlier, qualify for the free upgrade to Windows 8.1 by purchasing Windows 8 now.
    So to be fair, the sales person was being consistent with what Microsoft are saying elsewhere when they said you should go via 8 (although the bit about not installing on a bare disk was wrong).

    Having said that, I don't know why they're saying that you shouldn't go direct to 8.1 on hardware that ran XP, as the end result would seem to be the same (except a clean install straight to 8.1 might be slightly better). One thing might be the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant which checks out the PC before you upgrade; I haven't seen anything that suggests there will be an equivalent for 8.1.

    Edit: I don't know what it's like where you are, but where I am, Windows 8 Pro upgrades from Amazon and other retailers are still considerably cheaper than the Microsoft versions, so that might be a reason to go for 8 (although I've not seem 8.1 pricing yet).
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    Purchase a Windows 8 CD, because it will be cheaper and once you upgrade you get Windows 8.1 for free
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    Thanks everyone. I just called Microsoft, got a refund for the two DVDs of Windows 8 Pro, and ordered two DVDs of 8.1.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Sardonicus View Post
    I believe it was more of a case of reps not being well-informed.
    A stupid rep to be more specific.
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    Originally quoted by mahanddeem: A stupid rep to be more specific.
    Not only stupid, but a little lazy to not take the effort to ask a Microsoft technician for advice.
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    Hi there
    Lesson in life


    You might be able to get something back though if you feel you were mis-sold something.

    Please don't take this the wrong way -- it's not meant in any way at all as an insult
    but a great philosophy is

    "The price of Education is High
    but :
    The price of Ignorance is beyond calculation " !!!.

    Always read and understand what you are buying - remember the people who work in the stores are often on low wages and commission only especially for selling OTHER products as well as the "main stuff" you are in the store to buy-- and unfortunately often don't understand what the customer wants.

    There are often HUGE premiums to be made on selling things like extended warranty's (please don't get me started on those) etc.

    Two pieces of info you might like to run at your next Pub Quiz. - The point here is that companies can often make MORE money on selling stuff you wouldn't normally associate with that particular organisation !! .

    If BMW was a Bank - it would be the 3rd largest Bank in Germany -- BMW makes MORE MONEY from its FINANCE arm than it does by selling its CARS !!.

    SHELL UK is one of the largest suppliers of SANDWICHES and SNACKS in the UK - they make more money on these items than retail selling of Gas (Petrol in UK) !! - Next time you are ever at a "Quick store" in a Gas / Petrol station - just have a look at what's on sale --also at HUGELY higher prices than a supermarket.

    (Actually in most W.European countries there's so much TAX (and VAT on top of that) on GAS / PETROL / DIESEL it's amazing the oil companies even bother to sell any at all -- I'm not in league with the Oil companies - they make HUGE amounts of money on other products - but GASOLINE -- the profit is TINY if any at all).

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    Microsoft did email two UPS labels to return the two Windows 8 DVDs, and they are paying the shipping cost. I also will be getting a full refund for the two DVDs. I pre-ordered two 8.1 DVDs.
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Was I dooped into buying 8 in order to install 8.1
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