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Happy with Win 8 and want to delete Win7

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    Windows 8 Developer Preview is an unfinished product, you should not be using it like you would Windows 7. It will not get security updates for every long or other important updates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by logicearth View Post
    Windows 8 Developer Preview is an unfinished product, you should not be using it like you would Windows 7. It will not get security updates for every long or other important updates.
    Hi there

    MSE runs on it quite OK -- this is usually more than enough for 90% of SENSIBLE web surfers. A lot of ("Non Corporate") Network security is grossly overkill and most of the companies supplying the HOME security market wont survive for too long once MS gets more robust security built into the OS. Note I'm not talking about Corporate or large Network type security - that's a different type of issue.

    The main issues with using W8 as your main OS are two fold.

    1) A feature you get used to might not exist in the beta or final releases of W8.
    2) The Beta / RC1 candidates might not be ready before W8 developer preview expires in Mar 2012 so you could be left without a working OS.
    3) Whenever the next releases appear including and up to the final a FRESH install will be required.

    So IF you understand the issues and presumably have backed up an image of a W7 system in case there isn't a working version of W8 available after Mar 2012 then go ahead and use it.

    I think for most people if you like W8 keep using it. I rather like it myself and even compared with W7 the performance seems slicker.

    I don't miss the Media Center (not yet in W8) - everything else I need to run works fine.

    One final previso The W8 final will have more functions in it so it might not perform so fast as the current version - hopefully MS will look at performance too by keeping started and running services at a minimum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo45 View Post
    MSE runs on it quite OK
    That has nothing to do with SECURITY UPDATES!
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    Do not use MSE on WDP.
    WDP(with Windows Defender)+MSE=Windows Defender for NT 6.2 being installed and conflicting with the same software(MSE for NT5.1, NT6.0 and NT6.1)

    Windows Defender built into Windows Developer Preview is basically MSE pre-packaged into the system. If you install MSE over WD, if will glitch BADLY and leave unpatchable security holes all over the system. We don't want another Windows Vista or even Windows 98 do we now!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
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    Well i could not hold myself, so deleted Win7 could not reboot in Win8, reinstalled Win7 on my Foremay 64 GB drive, then reinstalled Win8 on my Revo.

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Happy with Win 8 and want to delete Win7
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