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Can't enable Secure Boot on my BIOS.

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    Can't enable Secure Boot on my BIOS.

    Hi there guys - any help will be much appreciated

    I had a bit of a problem with Malware which led me to reinstall windows 8. I had also at the time been trying to install Linux to dual boot beside it. However, upon reinstalling I got the annoying watermark saying "Secureboot isn't configured correctly."
    Having decided I would rather remove the watermark and having gone back into the BIOS (with a reinstall) and trying to enable secure boot I get a message - "CSM is Loaded! Disable the CSM via Setup and repeat operation after Restart".
    However there is, as far a I can see no option to disable the CSM in my bios - I've tried disabling anything related to Legacy and reinstalling both Ubuntu and Windows 8 as well as wiping the drive and jumping the CMOS as well as updating the BIOS.

    Am very much at a loss and feel I've tried every permutation in the BIOS. Could possibly be an incompatibility with graphics card, but wouldn't know where to start on that end if it is.

    Many thanks for your time!

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    CSM will not always be shown as a CSM on/off option; however, the Compatibility Support Module directly relates to Legacy support. So, I would start by resetting my BIOS to defaults and then reviewing the following options:

    Secure Boot
    Sets the Windows secure boot to prevent the unauthorized accessing. Press
    <Enter> to enter the sub-menu. This sub-menu will appear when “Windows 8
    Feature” is enabled.

    Secure Boot Control [Disabled]
    Enables or disables secure boot.
    [Enabled] Enables the secure boot function and allow you to set the secure
    boot settings.
    [Disabled] Disables this function.

    Secure Boot Mode [Standard]
    Selects the secure boot mode. This item is to select how the secure boot keys
    be loaded. This item appears when "Secure Boot" is enabled.
    [Standard] The system will automatically load the secure keys from BIOS.
    [Custom] Allows user to configure the secure boot settings and manually
    load the secure keys.

    Image Execution Policy
    Sets the policy when the system image execution policy on Security Violation.
    Press <Enter> to enter the sub-menu. This sub-menu will appear when “Secure
    Boot Mode” sets to [Custom].

    Key Management
    Manages the secure boot keys. Press <Enter> to enter the sub-menu. This sub-
    menu will appear when “Secure Boot Mode” sets to [Custom].

    LAN Option ROM [Disabled]
    Enables or disables the legacy network Boot Option ROM for detailed settings.
    This item will appear when "Onboard LAN Controller" is enabled.
    [Enabled] Enables the onboard LAN Boot ROM.
    [Disabled] Disables the onboard LAN Boot ROM.

    Legacy USB Support [Enabled]
    Sets Legacy USB function support.
    [Auto] The system will automatically detect if any USB device is connected
    and enables or disables the legacy USB support.
    [Enabled] Enable the USB support for legacy operating systems that do not
    support USB.
    [Disabled] The USB devices are available only for UEFI applications.

    Boot Mode Select [LEGACY+UEFI]
    Sets the system boot mode from legacy or UEFI architecture depending on OS
    installation requirement.
    [UEFI] Enables UEFI BIOS boot mode support only.
    [LEGACY+UEFI] Enables both Legacy BIOS boot mode and UEFI BIOS boot

    All the above information is available in your owner's manual which can be downloaded here:

    MSI USA ? Download Center

    Good luck.
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    Windows 8

    Thanks for the quick reply. You were correct that I'm using an MSI motherboard - I probably should have specified. I've been through all those permutations choosing the most conservative in each case and still no joy.

    Thanks for the detailed reply though

    MSI Z87-G43
    Intel i5 4670K
    Radeon Saphire 7950 3GB
    Samsung 840 EVO 250GB
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    Windows 8.1

    Have you enabled this feature?

    Windows 8 Feature [Disabled]
    Enables the supports for Windows 8 or disables for other operating systems.
    Before enabling this item, make sure all installed devices & utilities (hardware &
    software) should meet the Windows 8 requirements.
    [Enabled] The system will switch to UEFI mode to meet the Windows 8 requirement.
    [Disabled] Disables this function.

    Once done, that should set you to UEFI defaults, then you can review the previously mentioned features.
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    Windows 8

    Yeah, I have.

    It's when I try to enable Secure Boot Controll that I get the "CSM is Loaded! Disable the CSM via Setup and repeat operation after Restart" message.
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    Quote Originally Posted by isamme View Post
    Yeah, I have.

    It's when I try to enable Secure Boot Controll that I get the "CSM is Loaded! Disable the CSM via Setup and repeat operation after Restart" message.
    When I look back at your original post I am now more confused than ever because I have no idea where you are right now.

    I see you started with Win 8 - did that ever work w/secure boot enabled?
    Then you tried to throw in Linux for a dual boot - is that where you are right now?

    If so, and I were in your shoes, I would can the idea of dual-booting Win 8 and Linux with secure boot because your BIOS has a toggle option for Win 8 enabled or disabled that either allows your secure boot to work with win 8 or another OS so I'm guessing you can't have it both ways. Anyway, I'm very confused at this point so I can be of no benefit to you. Good luck to you.
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    Is Windows 8 installed in UEFI mode?
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    Windows 8


    Yes I was reinstalling Windows 8 which worked fine before. I tried to install Ubuntu, and so disabled the Secure Boot.
    Trying to get rid of the watermark, I removed linux and tried to install just windows 8 on its own. However after I was unable to re-enable secure boot, even after wiping the drive.

    Anyway, thanks for your effort.
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    Windows 8

    Yes, although I have also tried [LEGACY+UEFI] as well.
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    Windows 8.1

    even after wiping the drive
    OK, I'm going make a final suggestion with the assumption that you are starting with a blank hard drive:

    Windows 8 feature - enable
    Secure boot control -enable
    Secure boot mode - standard

    If any problems related to the above, either clear you CMOS or reflash you BIOS to attempt correction.
    If not, continue Windows 8 UEFI installation...

    Once done:
    Load any necessary drivers
    Apply all Win Updates to current

    Comment: Consider making a System Image at this point by using the inherent Win 7 Recovery methods or other software. This will save you if you ever encounter a nasty malware infection again.

    Continue installing programs and bringing you rig up to date.

    No need for Linux now because you are up and running and you have a backup plan.

    Just my2cents
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Can't enable Secure Boot on my BIOS.
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