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Dual Boot Windows PE and Windows 8

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    Dual Boot Windows PE and Windows 8


    I have a strange situation. I wish to have two boot UEFI partition

    first one is a windows 4.0 PE uefi
    second is windows 8 uefi

    how to do i control which one to boot by default. i do not wish to have a timer. I want to boot right in. what to run in windows 8 and PE to change the boot.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    1. Win+X ->Run and type: msconfig
    2. Click on Boot tab then high lite the OS you want to boot first and click Set as Default
    3. On Timeout text box, set to 0
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    thank you for the replies.

    sorry i wasn't clear.

    I have installed windows 8 uefi on the laptop. I wish to create another partition that will contain a windows PE 4.0. I know how to shrink and create the partition.

    I am assuming i can copy all the info from the usb key to the partition. question is how to edit the store and make it bootable and to set it so i can choose.

    thank you
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    Still not clear. Are you trying to boot a .wim file off the HD?
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    sorry.. yes..

    i see the PE has the boot.wim there. i don't know how to configure it so it all boot under uefi. i know with GPT it is different.
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Dual Boot Windows PE and Windows 8
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