I purchased a Asus AIO and notebook. I followed the method "How to Relocate User Profiles to another Partition or Disk in Windows 8".

Relocation was successfully implemented in my Asus Notebook. But when the same procedure is adopted, after completion of the step 1, boot to audit mode, I am struck with rotating dots..Administrator.. welcome screen. ie: Not able to proceed to step 2 or windows is not going to administrator mode. After a few minutes of the blue rotating dots at the administrator screen, I get an error message:
"Windows could not complete installation..To install windows on this computer, restart installation".

Any number of times, shut down and restart, bring me the same scenario. Hence,

First question: a) How do we come out the Sysprep, if we face problem, so that computer is back to work.

b) How to solve the above problem?