I hope someone here can help me.
I just ran a refresh in windows 8 from a custom refresh image created some time ago with recimg.exe.
Everything seemed to install fine with the programs I had installed at the time of creating the custom img so I began moving files from Windows.old to the new OS install. When I restarted the OS for the first time for updates it booted into my previous windows installation, said there was a problem with the refresh and all my files that I had moved from Windows.old are now gone as I had moved them into the new installation.
Windows.old was gone after the reboot and it would be as if I never did the refresh except that I had already started deleting files from windows.old and moving them to the new install. Now it seems I've lost all these files and there is no mention of them in any searches I perform. If anyone can tell me if I can recover these files I would be eternally grateful as I'm freaking out right now having lost so much stuff.
I've since completed another refresh which seems to be booting ok, this time a clean refresh rather than from a defined recimg file.
Also I'm using a SSD, will this cause problems for traditional file recovery programs?

If I'm not being clear or there is any information I can provide please let me know.