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new motherboard - windows 8 resets randomly

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    new motherboard - windows 8 resets randomly


    some advice/help please.

    client with advent DT2412 failed motherboard. old motherboard MSI B75M A-P45 (discontinued). replaced with Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H Socket 1155 M-ATX Motherboard.

    client confirms no backup and insisting that I we try not to lose data.
    Managed to get the desktop up and running as same chipset on new mobo.
    client now complaining that computer drops out randomly.
    I've asked the client to back up there data and stated that we will have to complete a fresh re-install due to possible driver issues.

    question. If we run the factory reset disks from advent will it not load the same chipset and drivers for the MSI? thus causing it to drop out again?

    if i install a fresh copy of windows 8 where do i get the product key from?

    the joys of working with prebuilds from currys/pc world.

    many thanks in advance for the comments/help.

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    You can try:
    1. Uninstall any unused drivers that were left from the old MB by create a system environment: devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices and set to value 1. Open Device Manager ->View->Show hidden Devices then
      go thru the list and uninstall any unused (greyed out) drivers
    2. Update the chipset drivers to the latest:
    3. Update the BIOS
    4. Use CCleaner to clean up junks from the registry
    5. Open Task Manager and click on Startup tab. Disable any non Microsoft items for now.
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    thanks for the comments guys. i will report back at some point today.

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    hi topgundcp.

    followed your instructions and the computer dropped out after running index experience.

    will have another look and get back to you.
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    completed all tasks requested by topgundcp.
    ran windows experience index. updated figures shown no shut down issues.
    ran PCMark7 - computer dropped out.
    installed fresh copy of windows 8 (not using recovery disks but new OEM copy)
    ran PCMark 7 - computer dropped out.

    uninstalled GPU and currently running PCMark 7 again. will update you on any issues.

    Just to say thanks for all your help so far. appreciate it.
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    Hi all,

    just to close this case off.

    Success with the PC Mark 7 test without the GPU installed.

    faulty GPU
    Faulty motherboard.

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new motherboard - windows 8 resets randomly
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