This morning I tried to install the Technet RTM version of Win 8.1 from Win 8.0 x64. When I went through the process, the only option was keep nothing, which was the same thing that happened to me when I upgraded from Win7 to Win8. I have an SSD with C:\Users symlinked to another drive so I am assuming that, once again, there is no support for this in the installer. My main user account is a local account but I do have an alternate Microsoft account on the machine but I don't use it.

I am looking for options. My SSD is 120 gb (111 gb actual space) and I have about 60 gb left. My Users folder is 120 gb. I could do the clean install but if it attempts to move the symliked users to C:\windows.old it will run out of space.

So my questions are:
Is my inability to upgrade install because of the symlink or is there another potential cause?
Is there a way to via the Group Policy editor to force the installer to deal with the symlink?
If I do a clean install, how will Windows handle the C:\users directory? Will it move it to C:\windows.old or just fail?
Is there a clean way to port user settings from this install to the new install using easy transfer after the clean install?