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My issues with UEFI and Fn Keys in Post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saltgrass View Post
    You may need to enable the Launch CSM (Compatibility Support Module). If it is set to disabled, it probably restricts the boot options to UEFI only, as in a Windows 8 secure boot.

    After it is enabled, there may be options to allow for UEFI and Legacy devices.

    Do you show a boot device menu option on the bios page you can use for a one time boot device selection?

    I do not know what the Add Boot Device option is supposed to do. It may be related to some type of PXE type boot or some other enterprise scenario. But I do not think it is related to what you are trying to do.
    Kudos to Saltgrass and congratulations to msg!

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Bailey View Post
    Congradulations !!!

    This was a tough nut to crack.
    I attribute it to the sluggishness of W8 overall, and of UEFI as "the new BIOS." Once there are a few more laptops (and, hopefully desktops still ) out there with both, the mfgr docs & training will ramp up. It's just a matter of getting used to it. I've been building my own custom WINTEL desktops/towers for the last 20+ years. This is one of the 1st major overhauls to BIOS I've seen.

    It's gonna take a while.

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My issues with UEFI and Fn Keys in Post
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