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Install Win7 as Dual-Boot on Existing Win8 Laptop

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    Also crashes on trying to load Safe mode, right after loading classpnp.sys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheJoker View Post
    But sounds like you maybe using the Windows 7 version of Acronis.
    Actually, it's the newly released Acronis True Image 2014.

    What happened after the restore is that it goes to diagnosing, then attempting repairs, and it finally boots, and I end up with 2 extra small partitions at the end of the drive just before the Restore partition. I've tried this twice, and it's repeatable. Even though I added the Safe boot options before the backup, they are gone.

    Got to where I would start to install Windows 7, and it stalled at the first screen booting from the DVD. Trying to run setup from the Sources folder, if I tried to get updates (step 6E in the tutorial), it failed immediately, but without that, the install starts, it rebooted twice, and now seems stalled on a Starting Windows screen. I'll give it another 45 minutes or so, and force a restart and see if it will continue. (i5 2.6 GHz processor with 6 GB RAM, so it's shouldn't be REAL slow).
    You need to have Windows 8 working before daul booting with Windows 7.
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    This may not be the actual problem being discussed, but is seems to be an ongoing problem where folks think they have turned of Secure Boot by just selecting that option. I would feel much better if they stated they had enabled the CSM, which is what has to be done to get a Windows 7 DVD to load past the 4 orbs.

    One of the reasons I don't like using third party Imaging software is that it does add devices and/or other methods to your system so it can do its job. I was glad to see the RTM still has the Windows version included.
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    I thought I had that set properly, but apparently not, as that solved the install problem. Thanks very much. Now for massive numbers of updates.
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    I agree with saltgrass regarding 3rd party imaging solutions. Windows 8 must be the most unfriendly version yet!

    Windows has its own imaging system, and Shawn Brink has written several related tutorials - start with:
    Refresh Windows 8 - Create and Use Custom Recovery Image

    Another way to use Windows to image your system is to use the Windows 8 version of DISM (Deployment and Image Servicing Management tool) to capture an image of your c:\drive as a .wim (Windows Image Format file), and also use DISM to apply it to a formatted volume. Here's Technet articles describing how:

    Capture Images of Hard Disk Partitions Using DISM
    Apply Images Using DISM

    the syntax from an elevated or Windows PE cmd prompt is not particularly complex:

    Dism /Capture-Image /ImageFile:c:\my-windows-partition.wim /CaptureDir:C:\ /Name:"My Windows partition"

    Dism /apply-image /imagefile:N:\Images\my-windows-partition.wim /index:1 /ApplyDir:W:\
    (where the sources and target paths are your own choice)

    You can then recreate the BCD store using bcdboot.

    Links to other MS articles etc., here:
    How to do a custom install.wim of Windows 8?

    Windows 8 (not RT) will boot virtual hard disks (.vhd files) natively - including Windows 7, as long as they are Enterprise or Ultimate editions. They are much easier to manage than partitions for dual booting, since they are virtual image files already. Vhds can also be installed to from the sources\install.wim file on the Windows 7 setup disk or USB, or from copies of the install.wim file on hard disk for the fastest installation time, using the DISM /apply-image technique.

    Windows 8 VHD - Create at Boot to Dual Boot with
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Install Win7 as Dual-Boot on Existing Win8 Laptop
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