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Would like some opinions on a few things

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    There's at least one good reason to partition drive to at least 2 parts. One smaller, enough for OS and programs you need to be on C: partition and the rest for data. That way if windows croak or something goes wrong with the system (and it it's very probable) and you have to reformat, you will not loose all the stuff, just what's on system partition. I always do that and change default paths to keep data on the second partition if I don't have another disk. As for speed, you might see some improvement in Boot times by using smaller first partition, not much else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fafhrd View Post
    One stick of 7 GB and one of 3GB, I guess?
    Surely that should be 7.5 and 2.5?
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    There is evidence to support that partitioning a large drive into smaller partitions will improve performance as long as you guarantee you are only accessing 1 partition at a time. The reason for this is the "average seek time", which is typically the time it takes to seek across the entire disk divided by 2. Splitting your 2TB into 2 1TB should improve overall performance since you have cut average seek time in half, and you should see better performance -- eventually. It should benchmark faster on random reads and writes. The reason I said eventually is because when it's new, you won't have that much data on it, and it will all be clustered together and your actual average seek time will be better than the benchmark. Only over time as you use the drive, fill it, delete, overwrite, etc. will the entire surface get used and performance match the numbers from the benchmarks.

    And yes, partition it before you install your software. If anything disastrous happens during partitioning (highly unlikely), you won't have to re-install.

    After your software is installed, I would highly recommend creating a system restore point, and making a complete system image backup which can be found in Windows 8 in the cryptically named, Windows 7 File Recovery.
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    Far be it from me not to add my 2cents.. LOL!

    That is a strange RAM config indeed... if you have just the three slots best to rip out the 2gig and run dual..

    The single gargantuan HDD also seems a bit strange (for the reasons mentioned above).... a small SSD with a 1TB HDD would be a much better config... IMHO

    I also agree that backups should always be on a different (external) drive.

    OOP's Noticed there are 4 slots.. so just add another 2gig .. strange that they don't have that as standard tho'
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Would like some opinions on a few things
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