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Installing Windows 7

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    Installing Windows 7

    I just bought a Qosmio X70-A and am wondering if I can get windows 7 on it.

    Either by reformatting the whole hard drive or by downgrading from 8

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    Is this a OEM manufacturer's PC with Pre-installed Windows 8?

    1) Downgrade to Windows 7.
    Downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7
    Warning you must have the UEFI/BIOS firmware setting in Step Three set.

    Make sure you read the NOTE at Step three.

    2) If Using a USB Pen drive on a PC with a UEFI BIOS.
    USB Pen drive need to be formatted to FAT32 as in
    UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive - Create in Windows
    Take note of Step 11 for Windows 7.
    Also you will need to use a USB 2.0 port, as there are no USB 3.0 drivers in Windows 7.
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    Is it as complicated as it seems and does installing windows 7 still require 8 to be on the pc?
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    Why do you want Windows 7? If you install Classic Shell (free) or Stardock's Start8 ($4.99) or other similar software, you can get the Start button back and boot to the Desktop so it looks and feels like Window 7 with the improvements of Windows 8.

    For instance, this is what my Win 8 desktop looks like:

    Click image for larger version

    I also fully disabled UAC and all the hot corners so I never see any of the Metro stuff I dislike.
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    That looks neat, does it get rid of the side search bar thing that pops up when i move my mouse to the right. Also, I'll have to install it once this PC Reset finished , been 1:12 minutes and only 2 percent on a high end gaming laptop.
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    Yes, you can set it up so none of the hot spots are active. The only way to get to the Metro desktop is Shift click or Ctrl click on the Start button.
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    1:45 minutes and only at 3% Reset. this might take a while.

    on windows 7 I had my desktop, temporary files, cache, write, and other SSD taxing stuff sent over to my HDD, is there a way to do this in windows 8?
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    Sure but why bother? You are not going to hurt the SSD by using it. I run everything off my 128GB SSD to take advantage of it's speed. The only thing I put on spinners is data that I don't use very often, like pictures, music, videos.

    I do have the pagefile on a separate partition though.
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Installing Windows 7
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