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dual boot windows 8 and ubuntu

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    dual boot windows 8 and ubuntu

    Hi I have been researching installing Ubuntu alongside Win 8.on my daughters laptop. I already boot Ubuntu & Win 7 on my desktop pc, but I have read some horror stories about installing Ubuntu with Win 8., mostly in regard to the uefi boot system in Win 8., as well as, its a laptop as opposed to desktop.

    I have been told that i must enter the bios first and disable secure boot. Most of the tutorials I have read are very complex. Then i read a tutorial from this website, dated 2011 that appeared to be simple, and similar to my own Ubuntu/Win 7 installation, however it was dated 2011.

    Dual Boot Windows 8 And Ubuntu

    Posted November 21, 2011 3:53 pm in: Windows 8 Guides

    The only difference with my intended installation is that I will use a dvd as my Pc does not have a USB Boot option.
    Please can anyone confirm that this Tutorial is valid and perhaps explain why so many other tutorials require BCD, disable secure boot plus many other things outside the scope of my experience. I would be most grateful.

    I have even read that a mobo was destroyed by an incorrect installation and as this is my daughter's laptop i really dont want to have to buy her a new one. Thanks
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    Samsung Laptops Bricked by Booting Linux Using UEFI

    How to dual boot with Ubuntu & Windows 8, with Secure Boot ENABLED.
    Practical UEFI Secure Boot (Part 3 of 3) - YouTube

    To Downgrade to MS Windows 7or install with these BIOS settings:

    Fujitsu Manual:
    Secure Boot

    Quote Originally Posted by Fujitsu
    Advanced  Boot Configurations  Fast Boot : [Disabled]
    Advanced  Boot Configurations  CSM : [Enabled]
    Security  Secure Boot Configuration  Secure Boot Option : [Disabled]
    To change these settings it is necessary that a Supervisor Password is set.
    1) Set CSM to UEFI & Legacy.

    2) For Noteboks, you will need to set a Password.
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    Thank theog, I have had a look and will study your links further. very much appreciated. Thanks again.
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    Hi theog, I have a reasonable good understanding of the bios now and I have set the supervisors PW enabling me to change the settings. I have decided to take the legacy option so fastboot is disabled: CSM is enabled: Secure Boot: is disabled: Boot order is set to 1st boot CD/DVD rom 2nd Boot HDD. Both windows & Ubuntu (live CD) boot up ok with this config.

    Now suprised and concerned at HDD on laptop

    The laptop has 500GB hdd. No alterations, partitioning or amendments of any kind have taken place. This is the factory default settings:

    WINDOWS (C) 29.2 FREE OF 74.9 DRIVERS (D) 373 FREE OF 373 (E) DVD ROM.

    Never seen this before. Please could you explain: Why was only 75GB partition allocated to the OS

    Why was 373Gb left unused. Why is the (D) drive called Drivers

    Really worried now as there does not appear to be a recovery partition either. No CD came with the laptop so have nothing to reinstall system if anything goes wrong.

    I have partitioned disks on XP win 7 and vista but I have not experienced anything like this before. Usually factory default settings allocate the entire disk to the OS apart from the space required for the recovery partition and bootloader.

    Please can you tell me if this is now normal procedure or specific to Fujitsu.
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    Hi theog, Its ok, Just me being stupid. manufacture default settings now allocate the GB needed to run the system on (C) drive and leave the rest unallocated for data.

    The problem is that i dont know how to make the system save all the music, photos and data in the (D) drive. Im using my Ubuntu system at the moment but will send a screenshot as soon as I can. It will probably take me 30 minutes to find the snipping tool in Win 8 Thats a brilliant link thanks.

    Many thanks for your help.
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    The problem is that i dont know how to make the system save all the music, photos and data in the (D) drive
    The problem with this is that the saving location tends to depend on the individual app used to acquire the files. Each browser has its own different default locations. If you stream video, the streaming app will have its own default location. If you import videos, either from a camera, or from a memory card, once again, the importing apps will have their own default locations. If you stream audio, once again, the streaming app will have its own default location.

    You basically have to open each app and set the saving location for the files.

    And ... this is important ... when you "shut down" win8 to boot over to Ubuntu, the partitions that were opened at the time will be hibernated, and unlike with previous Windows versions, will remain "mounted". This effectively denies access to those partitions when you boot into Ubuntu. To change this, you have to disable Fast Startup in Win8 -- which will then force your machine to take a lot longer on reboots for Win8.
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    Thank you Mark. Sorry I did not make it very clear. No streaming involved. The photos are all in "MY PICTURES" and the music ripped from CD's are all in "MY MUSIC" is there a way to transfer them to the (D) drive please. If there is I could download the photos to the default which is My Pictures and then transfer them to the D drive, because otherwise the (C) driver will soon get over full. There must be a way to do this because if not, having a 300GB (D) drive would be pretty useless.

    The only alternative would be to re-size the C drive to 200GB. What do you think?

    Dont mind longer a boot up in windows as I expect my daughter to use Ubuntu as her main OS. It has taken a good deal of time and effort to gain the confidence to install Ubuntu on win.8 so i would be annoyed if she did not use it.

    This is the first time I have used Windows 8 and thats why i am struggling so much and really appreciate your help and advice. Thanks. Also Ubuntu 13.04 (Linux secure re-mix) has been adapted to cope with uefi. The installation can be done in uefi or legacy. I have chosen to do it in legacy because I have more understanding of that system. I really appreciate you advice. Thank you.

    I would still like to extend the (C) drive to 180GB I dont know if that will cause problems because Linux prefers to create the partitions as opposed to using partitions created by windows disk manager.

    Cheers magi.
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    If you want to leave the default folder settings alone in Win8 (which is what I would recommend), then you should do the following:
    1) Created folders on the "D" drive to hold your stuff
    2) Copy the stuff from the "Myxxx" folders on "C" to "D"
    3) Confirm the files are OK in the folders on "D"
    4) Empty the "Myxxx" folders on "C"

    As to resizing partitions, I have learned the HARD way that MS Windows works best with Windows filesystems, Linux works best with Linux filesystems. It's generally a bad idea to cross over, thus I advise AGAINST using GParted and other Linux tools to resize Windows filesystem partitions.

    Furthermore, Windows (AFAIK) can't create Linux filesystems (typically, Ext4 these days).
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    7/8/ubuntu/Linux Deepin

    Windows disk management is hostile towards Linux, you will find.
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dual boot windows 8 and ubuntu
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