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Refresh -- works!

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    Ok that's clear. but Mark was saying he did a Refresh and it uninstalls all software and updates (unless he accidently did a Reset ). This sounds like a Reset doesn't it?

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    Not really, aem. When I did a refresh, I got this:

    Click image for larger version

    A refresh is far different than a reset as I didn't lose my log-on and I had a Windows.old folder leftover along with all my pics and previous downloads.
    I just had to re-install the removed apps.

    Brink is spot on.
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    I'm just going by what Mark said.
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    I'm not sure if Mark may have done a reset instead by mistake or not, but when comparing refresh (Windows 8) and repair install (Windows 7/Vista), the affected items are just about identical. Just like while doing any upgrade, there's a chance you may have to reinstall a driver or two after a refresh as well though. I've done a number of resets and refreshes in Windows 8, and the list below for a refresh is pretty much all that is affected. I'm sure that there may a few unknown things that may be affected still though.

    Items I found to be affected by "repair install" of Windows 7 or Vista:

    • Preserves your user accounts, data, programs, and system drivers.
    • Sounds
    • Services
    • Visual Effects Settings
    • Device Drivers - Be sure to have these handy to reinstall. They do not always remain after the repair (upgrade) install.
    • You may lose the ability to sign on to MSN Messenger, to solve this problem have a look at this thread Unable to sign in to WLM.
    • You may lose your custom themes due to not having permisions set on the old themes. Go to the hidden themes folder at C:/Users/(User-Name)/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/Themes, then Take Ownership of the themes folder and you will now have all your themes back.
    • It has been reported that you may also lose your Media Center gadget after doing the repair install.
    • Windows Updates will need to be checked and reinstalled again.

    Items "officially" listed from Microsoft to be affected by a "refresh" of Windows 8:

    • Your PC settings will be restored to their defaults.
    • Choices you made during Windows Welcome, such as computer name and user accounts, will not change.
    • Your files and personalization settings will not change.
    • Network, Libraries, and Windows Update settings will not change.
    • Customer Experience Improvement Program settings will not change.
    • Windows Error Reporting settings will not change.
    • Apps from Windows Store will be kept, but all other apps will be removed.
      NOTE: Apps that came installed on your PC and apps from the Windows Store will have their settings reset. If you've installed apps from other places, such as installation discs or the internet, then you'll need to install those again after refreshing your PC.
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    Thanks shawn, good info there. I shall commit that to memory mate. So the accord is this, Refresh and Reset Pc functions will both require third party apps to be reinstalled. Where as on Xp (and appologies for not mentioning Xp), a system Repair (aka Refresh) will not make you reinstall apps.
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    Partially, 3rd party apps will need to be reinstalled after doing a refresh or reset, but all installed apps (3rd party & ones from Microsoft store) will have to be reinstalled after a reset.

    I'd prefer not to get XP mixed up in this to possible confuse the issue more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aem View Post
    Ok that's clear. but Mark was saying he did a Refresh and it uninstalls all software and updates (unless he accidently did a Reset ). This sounds like a Reset doesn't it?
    FYI .. . I did NOT accidentally do a Reset; I did a Refresh. I intentionally did a Refresh because, unlike with the Reset, I was expecting it to retain the drivers. But, I was wrong -- it removed the drivers as well as the Apps. Also removed all the Windows Updates. So, apart from retaining the user account, it looks like Refresh is the same as Reset.

    Also, not to nitpick, but I looked again through the list of items that Brink included as being affected by a Refresh, and it didn't specifically mention Drivers. So, my presumption that Win8 Refresh would leave the drivers alone (like in a Win7 Repair Install) was proven incorrect.
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    I think it is suppose to retain most of the drivers and Windows Updates when Windows 8 is RTM. Since the drivers we are using currently with Windows 8 are probably Windows 7 drivers in compatibility mode, that may explain why they were removed like the occasional few that are removed while doing a Windows 7 repair install.

    I've added drivers and Windows Updates to the affected list, and will do more testing with the next release of Windows 8 though.
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    That's a good point about the drivers I missed. The ones that got removed were the one I added myself.

    Unfortunately, I no longer have Win8DP installed, so I can't try a test to see if it removes drivers that are added, or updated, by Windows Update.
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    refresh didnt work for me , all i did was install my tv tuner software and now win 8 wont boot , i tried refresh and repair startup with both a win 8 and win 7 disk , both said unknown error , but hey **** happens , starting afresh today
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Refresh -- works!
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