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How do I make my USB drive bootable?

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    How do I make my USB drive bootable?

    I tried the sys command which used to work under older operating systems. Any suggestions?


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    try this. .download Novicorp WintoFlash Software . .you can make your flash drive bootable in windows xp, vista, 7 OS.
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    If you are going to use it to install windows 7 or 8 a MS tool called "Windows7-USB-DVD-tool" that can be downloaded for free from MS. If not than you can stop it before installs win installation or use it in console mode.
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    Linux not Windows!!

    Actually I wanted to create a bootable USB disk from a PCLinuxOS .iso file. I have Linux as my alternate operating system on my Windows 8 Computer.

    Although I am primarily an avid Microsoft Windows user I have some clients who are Linux users.

    Hope I haven't been too much trouble, but I still would like to create a bootable USB drive for the purpose of installing Linux.

    Thank you for your trouble and I would appreciate any suggestions you would care to give me.
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    Best bet for making a Linux USB drive from .iso is LinuxLive USB Creator. It's automatic and has only ever given me an issue with one distro which ended up requiring a dd command in a Linux terminal to get going. An alternative in case it doesn't work for some strange reason is UNetbootin, but it's not quite as simple to use.
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    I'll try it !

    Thanks, I'll get back to you.
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    Didn't work!

    It looked good, but I tried 2 options to be fair:

    (1) Selected the option to format the drive FAT 32. When rebooting the system all I got was,"Verifying DMI Pool Data" and the system just hung until I had to do a ctrl-alt-del to get out of it.

    (2) Formatted the drive as exFat using the Windows software. Then ran it again. This time I got,"

    Verifying DMI Pool Data
    Remove disks or other media
    Press any key to restart
    (I pressed <enter>) then I got:
    Boot from CD:
    Boot from CD:
    Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk and press enter.

    (I pressed <enter> and it cycled back to Verifying DMI Pool Data -- )

    What do you make of all this.

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    Are you sure you set BIOS to the right boot device, ie. UB or USB CD ?
    I use linux Mint for HW testing purposes and it boots on most computers I tried on.
    I used "MultiBootUSB-6.4.1" to make USB boot disk from "linuxmint-201303-mate-dvd-64bit.iso". It is a complete system with option to install on a HDD.
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    Use Option Two in
    UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive - Create in Windows
    Step 1 to 6.

    At step 7 use the linux DVD.
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How do I make my USB drive bootable?
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