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Installation of Windows 8 killed the laptop

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    Windows 8

    Installation of Windows 8 killed the laptop


    i wanted to install Windows 8 on my Latop. It's an ASUS Eee PC 1215B. All components are standard.

    I downloaded Windows 8 64 bit from the software shop from my university and created a bootable usb. It all worked fine. And i deleted all partitions and created two new ones. One for the OS and for data. After continuing i got an error:
    "your pc ran into a problem and needs to restart"
    see attachment 1

    I tried different iso-files and 4 usb-sticks. I set ahci to ide and updated the bios. nothing worked. Even worse. I tried to install win 7 and that didnt work either. i got a bluescree (attachment 2).

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    Thank you
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    Before you started the upgrade, did you run the Upgrade Assistant? There may be useful info there.

    I had a BSOD when I was upgrading my old XP PC. It turned out to be a dodgy driver which Windows 8 was downloading automatically but didn't work.

    What I did in the end was to change the option during setup where windows 8 asks if it should "Automatically get device drivers, apps, info for new devices". (Below the option about Windows Update.) It's the screen at step 13 in this Tutorial:
    Clean Install - Windows 8

    I set all the driver options to No and also stopped the Windows Update working, and Windows 8 did at least install ( at horrible resolution but with no errors).

    Then I took a backup image with Windows 8 at least going, manually ran Windows Update and gradually added drivers till I found the one which killed it, then restored to the backup image and found a better driver.

    This worked for me; however your problem may be nothing to do with drivers, and there's also the risk that by switching off the automatic driver updates, it doesn't download enough things to get itself going (eg. you might have no WiFi and not be able to install drivers manually). But if you've already wiped the partitions clean a few times already, one more time may not be so much worse!
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    Windows 8


    thank you for your quick reply.

    No I didnt run the Upgrade Assistant. So no chance there...

    And I don't get to step 13. I get the error at step 9 at that tutorial. So i can't do that either...
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    Welcome to EightForums.

    Do you have the lattest BIOS install?

    Eee PC 1225B - Notebooks & Ultrabooks - ASUS
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    Windows 8

    yes I updated to the latest version:

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    windows 8 1


    Stumbled into the same problem. Have found a solution for this?
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    Win8.1 Pro | Win10TP Pro - boot to VHD

    These instructions make the following assumptions:
    You don't have any data on the drive that you want to keep.
    You don't have any purchased software on the machine.

    Back up your personal data FIRST and locate any license keys and installation discs for software you purchased.

    Then try this:

    1) Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 ISO - Download or Create
    Option One - media creation tool
    Create a DVD

    2) remove all but the one HDD you want to install Win8 to

    3) Boot to the DVD, select repair (lower left)
    enter the command Diskpart
    lis dis
    sel dis 0 (assuming it is the only HDD in the machine)
    If there are more than one HDD - stop, go back to step 2)

    press the X in the upper corner of the cmd prompt to return to the install

    Select Custom install and follow the rest of the Clean install tutorial.
    Clean Install - Windows 8
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    I set ahci to ide
    Change back to AHCI

    when at partition screen - remove all the partitions listed - allow windows to install to the unallocated space..

    AFTER windows is setup - you can then shrink the windows partition and create a DATA partition using disk management
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    Win8.1 Pro | Win10TP Pro - boot to VHD

    Quote Originally Posted by KYHI View Post
    I set ahci to ide
    Change back to AHCI
    Excellent catch - thanks

    Me1990: Make sure you execute the change KYHI provided.
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    Windows 8.1

    I have the same problem, but none of the solutions work. Every single time I hit install it crashes to blue screen on 0%. I tried different versions of windows/usb/ports/bios settings. Anyone have any idea? In the bios I only get the settings IDE>AHCI and Native IDE. Tried both but same result, deleting all the drives and trying to install on the unallocated space and also through cmd.

    EDIT: Also got the newest firmware: 1215B-ASUS-0503
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Installation of Windows 8 killed the laptop
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