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    Second Time Around

    I currently have an HP quad-core laptop that I bought in July 2009. I used Windows 7 for many years, pretty much problem free, not like the headache that was Vista. In November 2012, I upgraded my laptop to Windows 8 Pro. I didn't do a clean install, just upgraded the OS -- and then the problems began: constant freezing; BSODs; machine kept updating, even though I installed new updates just hours ago; and my laptop ran very hot.

    After a few months my machine was behaving badly, I thought it was the end of the road for my laptop. Instead I wiped my PC clean and put the original Windows 7 back as the OS. Everything was fine; it was good to be back to 7. Yesterday, I decided to give Windows 8 another chance. I found an article online on how to do a smooth upgrade from Win7 to Win8. The instructions were right on the money and I reinstalled Windows 8. Windows 8 is now working VERY WELL on my laptop -- no freezing, BSODs, and the updates install and stay where they are.

    If anyone is experiencing the same problems I had during my first upgrade, I recommend wiping the slate clean and do a fresh install. You'll notice a huge difference, and you'll probably let Windows 8 stick around for a while.

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    Yes, always better to do a clean install.

    Clean Install with Windows 8 Upgrade
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Second Time Around
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