Hey guys, new to this site!
My issue stems from having to re install Windows on my pc. When I turn it on to boot from the cd, it will automatically go to the splash screen without asking to "Press any key to boot from cd..." and then it will power off all my devices and "softly shut off." There is still power going to the pc fans, lights, etc but keyboard, mouse and all that shut off.
My initial guess is that the power supply went bad or it is overheating somewhere. It worked fine until I turned it on and Windows had crashed. I've confirmed all the components are working after installing linux on the machine from a cd. Can there be a Windows virus in the bios? I'm about to go back to it and clear the cmos. One more side note, the linux installation took about twice as long to install as normal with several loading cursors that took about 10 minutes each. Is that another sign that it might be overheating?
Thanks for any help I can get.