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Installed W8 and transferred back my files, went nuts

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    Installed W8 and transferred back my files, went nuts

    • installed W8
    • Downloaded games and apps i wanted
    • took out hdd from my pc into the other pc that i had my backup on
    • transferred 300GB of Pictures and programs (Photoshop, sony vegas etc.)
    • moved the HDD back into my pc after successful file transfer
    • i cant og into f.ex the Library now, when in the Library folder, if i press the Pictures folder where i put my 300gb backup, nothing at all happens. and if i press Properties for that folder, it says -''The Properties for this item are not available''
    • i cant install any apps, i tried to install chrome, got this error: Something happened and this app couldn't be installed. please try again. Error code: 0x80070005
    • this is very frustrating, as i dont know if i just lost 8 years Worth of Pictures.

    Thanks for any help in advance

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    as i dont know if i just lost 8 years Worth of Pictures
    transferred 300GB of Pictures and programs
    Transfered... moved the files (not copy)? Regarding 'the other pc' HD, the files (if moved) may still be salvaged by using a recovery program, so don't use (or write anything to) that HD for the moment. 300GB of pictures and no backups available?? In any case, careful with what you do, do not experiment until you get some guidance.
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Installed W8 and transferred back my files, went nuts
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