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Dual Boot Question/Delete Linux for Windows 8

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    Dual Boot Question/Delete Linux for Windows 8

    Hey everybody. I'm new here as you can tell. I just had a question about uninstalling Linux too dual boot Windows 8 with Windows 7 instead. I understand how to delete it, I am just having issues as when Linux installed it didn't name the partition, so I'm not sure if I can delete both of the partitions that aren't Windows 7 (I'm not sure why there are 3 on there). I will attach a screen cap so you know what I am referring too. What I would like to do is delete Linux 11.04 (I don't use it anymore), and stretch the partition back to my C: Drive then install Windows 8.

    Would it be easier to skip the stretching of Windows 7 and just install Windows 8 in the Linux spot? I'm sorry for all the questions, and thank you in advance if you can help me. Here is a photo of what I was talking about:

    - To be honest, I'm not even sure which is Windows 7, I'm just assuming it's C:

    Click image for larger version

    Thank you in advance for any help.

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    I would prefer to format your HDD and start over.

    Format C:, create two extended partions as logical drivers. Install Windows 7 on your machine C: and Windows 8 on one of the local drivers (leavin the 3rd for data). This way you can delete Windows 8 or if there is a need to remove it (and there will be a time so do so) you can do it without touching your Win 7 install.
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    Would it be easier to skip the stretching of Windows 7 and just install Windows 8 in the Linux spot? I'm sorry for all the questions, and thank you in advance if you can help me. Here is a photo of what I was talking about:
    I would delete the two linux partitions in Windows 8 setup, than install to that space.
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    The 2 Linux partitions (one is for the system, one is for the swap files - like page file) are not formatted in NTFS. As is, they are of no use for Windows8. You have to delete them and reformat the space in NTFS.

    Another question is whether you will run into problems with the Grub. C: contains your bootmgr, but if that is Grub, you may have a problem.
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    No need to format C:, just delete ALL Linux partition(use partitioner in Windows or something else - e.g. Easeus Pertition Master).
    There will be problem with Grub, yes.
    To fix this, put Windows 7 installation DVD in drive, boot from DVD and when screen with Install button appear, look on the bottom of screen for line Repair Computer.
    Click on it, wait for program to examine your installation, select OS to repair(in your case there be only Windows 7 for selection), click on it and from options window select Command Prompt.
    Click and then type on comm. promt
    First type

    bootrec /fixmbr

    and press Enter

    Second type

    bootrec /fixboot

    Note that only type text which i marked red!!

    Press Enter again and restart coputer.
    Windows will start normaly, and then you may install Windows 8 on free space or create NTFS partition before installing W8
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Dual Boot Question/Delete Linux for Windows 8
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