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Big problems with Windows 8 Pro and reinstallation

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    Windows 8 Pro

    Big problems with Windows 8 Pro and reinstallation

    All, I have been experiencing big problems with Windows 8 Pro. I had been running the OS on a 120GB SSD up until a week ago with no problems until the following started happening:

    Windows 8 started to reboot in a continuous loop with the following error message: Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. Error code 0cx000021a.

    It would then put itself into System Repair mode, but was unable to fix itself. It then booted to the System Repair screen and so I attempted the following in order:

    Tired to run System Restore, failed
    Tried to System Repair, failed
    Tried to System Refresh, failed
    Tried to System Reset, failed.

    After running System Reset and failing, it rebooted and I was left with 'There is no operating system installed on this device'. Great... thanks W8.

    As the version of Windows 8 I have is an online-only installation I then went back into my original order and ordered the accompanying Windows 8 recovery disk. Several days later the disk arrived and I attempted to run a windows 8 re-install from the disk. I followed the onscreen instructions and thought great, this is going to work. However first time, 'Getting files ready for installation' got to 57%, then I received the following error: Windows cannot install required files. The file may be corrupt or missing. Restart the installation. Error code 0x80070570

    So I completely formatted the SDD, deleted partition. Created new partition. The second time, 'Getting files ready for installation' got to 82%, then as before: Windows cannot install required files. The file may be corrupt or missing. Restart the installation. Error code 0x80070570

    At this point I turned off the PC and went out for a drink!!

    Does anyone have any advice on how I can turn my now brick of a performance PC back into a working system?

    Many thanks to all for your help, any advice is appreciated.


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    Hello Ash,

    If you don't have a hardware issue that caused your initial crash, and you are only trying to install a single OS, I believe this mathod will work for you:

    First, take a peek at this tutorial and follow the instruction carefully:

    Clean Install - Windows 8

    Please pay particular attention to the view after step 7. Notice that the drive is 100% unallocated at that point. So, you will have to delete all partitions until you are back to that state and then you can just hit Next to continue. Now, the installer will automatically create the proper partition structure for you. The reason I am suggesting this route is because I see where you were trying to create your own partition structure and that can be somewhat difficult with SSDs if you are not familiar with the offset requirements (much different than a typical hard drive). So, give it a go and let us know.
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    Try Re-downloading the ISO, & make a new DVD.
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Big problems with Windows 8 Pro and reinstallation
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