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EFI partition issue during installation

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    EFI partition issue during installation

    Hi - I am new to this group, so apologies in advance if this has been already asked and answered...

    I have a laptop with Win7 on one drive and a Linux system on a second drive installed on it under a UEFI system. I have an empty area on my disk, with Win7, that I want to use for installing Win8 to. When I start the installation process I get to a point where the installer complains that the EFI partition is formatted as an NTFS partition and wants me to reformat it as a FAT32. This is very confusing because both Linux and Windows 7 partitioners are reporting that the EFI partition is already in a FAT32 format! So what gives?

    My second concern is that if I reformat the EFI partition, even though it has a protected MBR so I am not worried about losing the partition table, won't I lose the boot manager for Windows 7? That seems rather dangerous and could cause me to lose the ability to boot Windows 7!

    How best to proceed?

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    Welcome to EightForums.

    I have a laptop with Win7 on one drive and a Linux system on a second drive installed on it under a UEFI system.

    1) Try removing the Linux HDD & install Windows 8.

    2)Can you post a screen shot of Disk management?

    Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Eight Forums

    Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image - Windows 7 Help Forums
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EFI partition issue during installation
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