Desktop fought me all the way with install, from the store getting this error code first time try. Next turns off anti-virus protection Norton and still the install proceeded in a different manner then it did on my old dv9200us Laptop. Now I have lost Norton so i am going to try and reinstall it later today other then that I think it took 12-18 hours to finally get this preview installed and I like the new fish. I use the same MS account on both installs and it automatically changes the desktop background so they both are the same Laptop and Desktop. After install can you go back to local account anyone? Defrag drive after install mine was all fragmented and a disc cleanup. I feel for the not so computer savvy trying to do the install from the store and having the issues I did on my desktop. Plus I have extra hard drives all over the place and if my back wasn't as bad as it is I would of opened the case up and just install from the ISO clean install and went from there which I might try in weeks to come, especially when I here installed in 15 minutes. I also had a tag on my screen for a while saying something like (Windows 8.1 preview evaluation build ****) lower right hand side of desktop,and forgot the build number but it gone now. Two icons missing of the desktop not sure what they were have to do some more research to see whats up with that might of been Norton etc. Like the new (performance dashboard) feature in IE11 any one else check it out. Well sorry for the long post been up most of night in pain and my mind is ranting. Plus coming of opiates after 5 years. Enjoy the Preview I am so far.