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Help for W 8 newbie please!

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    Help for W 8 newbie please!

    Hi all, Dave here & I've just gone to W8 after a thunder storm wiped out two PCs!
    I'm struggling to find stuff on 8 atm but I'm getting there
    Here is a couple of questions from my list.
    I live in France so have a French keyboard. As my English is a little better than my French I would like Windows to be in English but leave the keyboard in French , if this is poss (had this on W7)
    Also every time I restart PC keyboard returns to Eng;

    When I first used new PC, Acer Aspire XC100, when delete was pressed I got a 'confirm delete4 notice as normal. This has now disappeared & as my keyboard skills are not great, I would like to get this safe guard back.
    Can't find it anywhere.

    Also cant find the 'open with' default list either.

    Please be gentle with me as I am only semi puter literate!
    Dave Boyd

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    welcome to the forums. Have a look at this tutorial to help with your keyboard. You can probably find more tutorials to answer any other questions, they are very good tutorials.

    Language Bar - Turn On or Off in Windows 8

    This one will help with open with settings

    Open with - Change Default Program in Windows 8

    Check this post for the delete confirmation

    Confirm delete option in Windows Explorer?

    Good luck
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    Never tried to change language on the whole system but you can give it a try thru Control Panel / Region / Format.
    For changing keyboard code again Control Panel / Language / Ad a Language and choose French keyboard as default (the topmost on the list) and ad also any other keyboard page code, I have 5. On the right side of the taskbar you will have a list of all the installed ones and be able to use any one as needed.
    To be able to find your way thru Control Panel easier, at the top right corner you should see View by: category, change it to large icons.
    To associate files with particular extension with a program with which to open it, easiest way is to do it case by case. You right click on a file, choose X64 and there you will find Open with selection. Do not click immediately on a program suggested but click on Chose default program. There you choose appropriate program, making sure that Use this app for the like files and that file type with same extension will always be default.
    Hope that helps some.
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    To see and change all your defaults Roll over the bottom left corner on the desktop and right click the mini start screen. Then select Control Panel. In Control Panel select Default Programs. The next screen has two choices to set the default association. The first choice will do it by program and the second will do it by the ext name.

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    re: language...

    You can't change the system language without doing a clean install - this was the same on 7. Some programs will then still install in French (in my case some Cisco and Lenovo apps) but most correctly use display language.

    You can change the display language through control panel as described by CountMike. I have the set-up below which works for English with French keyboard. First screen is from control panel, languages. Add English if it is not there, click on options, select input method and then pick AZERTY keyboard. Move this to the top of the list. If you want you can delete French language - you will still be able to write in French just not display options etc.

    Next go to control panel/region. Set format and location to whatever you want. Then go to 'Administrative' tab and click "Change System Locale" and make it English, then click on "Copy settings" you will see a screen like the second print below. select the option to copy to welcome screen and system accounts. You will have to re-boot.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Language.PNG   Region.PNG  
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    Thanks for the replies guys. I'll troll through them tomorrow.
    I'll be back!!
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    Right, got the open with default sorted.
    Got the confirm delete sorted (both easy when you know how, bit like brain surgery!)

    Had trouble with the UK/FR keyboard lark.

    When I got to the last screen adamf showed me, I couldn't change any settings on it so tried to go back to original settings which my daughter put in quickly (thanx dear)

    Blundered into "download update language module English (UK) KB2607607 en-GB_LP "
    did this this, rebooted & viola Windows in English
    Found how to put keyboard in AZERTY & Roberts your mothers brother. SORTED (until the next time!)

    Thanks very much to all & don't miss me too much as I am sure to be back
    Next installment Wacom Bamboo
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    Dave, glad it's working for you. No worries, post back if you have any problems.
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    Cheers Dude, I'll be back (definitely!)
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Help for W 8 newbie please!
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