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Some booting up problems!

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    Windows 8

    Some booting up problems!

    So I have a 400gb vhdx windows 8 backup.
    The only problem is that restoring the image formats my hard drive. -_-

    So I have Linux and MAC on separate partitions, so I don't want to reformat.

    So I came up with an idea

    Install Windows on one partition and leave a blank partition ntfs formatted partition as well.

    Installed windows 8,mounted my 400gb HDD/vmxd file.
    Copied all my files to the new empty partition.
    Used easybcd to make it an option at boot.

    So I can boot both:
    1-new install(25gb)
    2-My backup(500gb)

    Only problem once I delete the 25gb windows partition, I can't boot my backup anymore
    note: I don't' even delete it, I just make the 500gb partition the main at boot. Then remove the 25gb partition from booting.So one partition can boot instead of one.
    I get:
    Click image for larger version

    Windows recovery cd does not help.
    Maybe easybcd makes it bootable, maybe windows files that make windows 8 boot are gone from my backup vhdx?
    Any ideas?
    Everything works when I boot the back up, no problems.
    Just after altering boot options -_-

    This is my last problem before being able to triple boot windows, mac, and Linux

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    Boot sector is on the beginning of disk no matter how many bootablle partitions you have. If you erase first partition none of the other OS will boot.
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    Windows 8

    So can this be fixed?
    Windows start repair does not work!
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    You'll have to install windows anew, I'm afraid, hopefully it will pick up other systems and give you a choice on the beginning of boot.
    Win 8 found a Linux partition on another HDD and gave me a choice when booting. Also picks up XP and W7 installations ON other partitions and drives. You have to be careful when installing so that you install on the proper partition, the best thing is to give it a distinct name before or at the beginning of installation. Windows tend to place letter C: for the boot partition and then when you are in other OS it may be different.
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    Windows 8

    Hey I think I got it somehow

    So I have 2 partitions for windows.
    3 and 4.

    Installed on 3.
    While in partition 3 I copied the files to partition 4.
    The error occurred when setting my backup(P4) as 1st boot.

    So I installed over partition 4 and then re-installed over partition 3 again.
    Once in partition 3, I deleted all files in partition 4(not formatted)

    Copied everything over again from my backup.

    rebooted and changed primary to partition 4.
    The computer booted normally!

    P4 has (system,boot,page file,active,crash dump,primary partition)
    P3 has(primary partition)

    I also got no bootloader,straight to windows(P4)
    Guessing I can delete P3?
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Some booting up problems!
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