So I made one because my PC had made my disk to Dynamic.
Not sure how to convert them back.

I formatted my hard drive and put back restored windows 8.
Now my problem is that I thought it would reset my hard drive partitions.
I have 520gbs windows 8(used 398gbs)
100gb mac(empty)
50gb Ubuntu(empty)

Windows,mac, & Ubuntu.

Now my question,how does the recovery image work?
The image is 398gbs,so shouldn't it take up 398gbs?

I wanted to have the image put back,but only as 1 partition.

So now if install mac and Ubuntu. Will I lose all my hard drive space/partitions once I restore my OS image?
I thought I should be able to select where to restore the image to.
So I can have a partition with enough space for it,but not screw/format the rest of my partitions with other OS's on it.