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Have Win7/XP Dual boot, want to install Win8 over 7

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    Windows 7 / XP dual boot

    Have Win7/XP Dual boot, want to install Win8 over 7

    Hi All,

    I've searched around the internet (and these forums) for this query but haven't had any luck in finding a solution.

    My system is currently configured with Windows 7 Pro and Win XP Pro, in a dual boot configuration. They are on separate partitions on a single SSD.

    I bought Windows 8 a while back but haven't installed it yet, as I need to keep my dual boot configuration (need XP). I'd ideally like to install 8 over 7 (am happy doing a complete wipe of 7, but an upgrade would be cool too).

    I used EasyBCD to make my current dual boot configuration with Win7/XP, however it's been years since I did the install so don't really recall what steps I took (however I'm sure I could find them somewhere).

    My question is, what steps would I need to take to install 8 over 7 and keep the dual boot w/ XP? I think I'd just need to completely wipe 7 (my media / documents / etc. are on separate hds), and install 8 on that newly blank partition. Then I would use EasyBCD to configure the boot menu to recognize the existing XP installation and restore the dual boot setup.

    Would I be correct in my thinking here? Any potential hassles that I'll run into?

    Thanks much,

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    Welcome to EightForums.

    If your Windows 7 install is on Partition 1 & Win XP is on Partition 2, if you wipe the Windows 7 partition, the Win XP boot files will also be wiped.
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    Windows 8 & Windows 7 Dual Boot

    Your windows 8 "should" see the XP installation and include it in its boot, if not, easy bcd will fix it, however all drives must be connected at the time of install.

    Label all your partitions so as not to confuse them later. Win7 & WinXP

    You can also triple boot if you make another partition, or add another drive to the mix.
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Have Win7/XP Dual boot, want to install Win8 over 7
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